Top 10 Tricks: How To Get Rid Of Rust On A Car?

Using your car isn’t the only thing you should be doing. You will have to keep it in a proper working condition with careful observation and regular maintenance. When I talk about car maintenance, one common problem every motorist wants to keep away from is “RUST”.

Whether the rust on a car is tiny or big, it always makes it look unattractive. And if left unchecked, it can cause some serious damages. To help you out, today I am going to teach you how to get rid of rust on a car. But, removing them is a bit challenging. Do you know why? I will explain this below.

Rust generally is “Iron Oxide”, which is a molecule of 2 iron atoms & 3 oxygen atoms. Rust is the result of an electrochemical procedure called corrosion.

 3 factors are required to form rust. These include:

  • Anode: a metal piece that readily releases electrons under right circumstances.
  • Cathode: a metal piece that accepts electrons.
  • Electrolyte: a liquid that facilitates electrons’ movements.

As electrons run from anode to cathode through electrolyte, anode metal piece corrodes. And metals that have iron inside them allows the anode metal part to get rust. When the metal corrodes, it weakens. And this isn’t something that you want to see on your vehicle.

What Conditions Cause Rust On Your Car?

Since rust requires anode, cathode & electrolyte to develops, almost all the cars are vulnerable to it. Now, the car’s metal acts as anode & cathode whereas water as an electrolyte. During humid climates, your car is more likely to form rust (even under cover).

Certain substances make rust to develop easily on a car. A common substance is salt. Though water acts as electrolyte, it isn’t that efficient in carrying electrons. But salt water on the other hand is more effective. Any object, which rusts gradually under usual circumstances, will rust faster if it encounters salt water.

Suppose, you reside near an ocean, undoubtedly, your car could be vulnerable to rust. The reason behind is the moist ocean air with high concentration of salt content. And even if you happen to live a 100 mile away from ocean or sea, the air still gives you trouble.

Which Parts Of A Car Can Get Rust?

There are many parts of a car, which are more prone to rust. These include

  • Car’s engine
  • Car’s frame
  • Car’s chassis
  • Car’s exhaust system &
  • Car’s trunk compartment
  • Car’s painted surface

So, I hope you would have now understood why removing rust of a car is little challenging. It is easier to take some steps to avoid rust than to eradicate. But, if you have got them, then I will teach you how to get rid of rust stains from your car.

How To Get Rid Of Rust On A Car?

How To Get Rid Of Rust On A Car

There are different reasons why a car develops rust. However, common reasons are given below

  • Car’s paint is been scratched or chipped from its primer coat
  • Car gets through an accident. The metal beneath is exposed to air & moisture, which in turn oxidizes the metal

Instructions To Follow

Even if the rust spots are small, treat them as soon as possible because they spread with respect to time and climatic conditions like snowstorm or rain. Follow the below listed instructions to learn how to remove rust from car.

1. Get The Tools Ready

The primary step on how to get rid of rust on a car is to get all the necessary tools ready. You will need:

  • Safety glasses
  • Rubber gloves
  • Good quality mask
  • Paint tarp
  • Painters tape
  • Rustic acid
  • Sanding wheel
  • Sandpaper sheets

2. Prepare Yourself

Once you have all the required things, as mentioned above, the next step is to prepare yourself to set the work. Safety comes first and since you are dealing with rust, make sure that you are wearing rubber gloves, dust mask and safety glasses before getting rid of rust from your car.

3. Cover The Car Parts Which You Don’t Want It To Be Dusty

Start covering the car parts, which you don’t them to be dusty. Use painter’s tape for this. Tape the area that is surrounding the scratches or dents. A painter’s tape wouldn’t hurt the car finish and stays in place until you finish the process. Roll the car windows too because as you start sanding the rusted region, tiny particles fly in all directions. Cover the car in such a way that no rust particles settle in areas, which aren’t affected by rust.

4. Never Use Newspapers To Cover Your Car

Often, people use newspapers to cover the car’s unaffected regions. However, this stingy step would cost you a lot. Wondering how? Let me explain. Those paint sprays can easily leak through. Thus, leaving specks on car’s lucid windows. Just covering the surface isn’t enough because paint spray effortlessly finds its way under the edges.

5. First, Do With The Thick Outer Oxidized Rust Layer

So, the core work starts with this step. This will help you learn how to get rid of rust on a car. Check with the thicker outer oxidized rust layer. Use sanding wheel for this. Don’t be in a hurry while doing this because it can damage the car’s metal. As the tough outer rust layer is removed, take few sandpaper sheets to deal with fine nooks & crannies. Sandpaper sheets ensure that there aren’t any rust particles left further.

6. Wipe The Rusty Part With Clean Cloth

The next step on how to get rid of rust on a car is to gently wipe off the rusty part clean using a cloth. Now, apply a thin layer of rustic acid over it. You do this to perfectly clean the car’s exposed metal region. But don’t be leaving the acid on exposed metal for a long time. Follow the bottle’s recommended instructions on this. Right after applying the acid, you have to remove it by gently wiping the region with clean cloth and mineral spirits.

Note: Removing rust from your car must be done only if you are able to repaint and re-prime the sanded region within the next 24-hours. In case, you leave the metal exposed for even a short time, rust starts to develop over & the damage this time would be even worse than before.

7. Get Good Quality Primer Paint & Auto Spray

Auto spray and primer paint both are important to cover your rusty metal region. Get good quality one, matching your car color.

8. Do The Priming

Apply the primer as directed on its label. As said above, you have to apply the primer after wiping the region with mineral spirits. Spray 3 layers of primer but wait for some minutes between each coat. Now, allow this to dry for 1 night or 12 hours at least.

9. Sand With A 400 Wet Grit Sandpaper

This is specifically done to sand between paint layers to smoothen the surface and de-gloss. Moreover, doing this step bond the paint layers properly. Have water in a bucket well in advance to rinse off the sandpaper often, so that it doesn’t get fouled along paint. Wash the painted area using mild soap water mixture.

10. Spray Little More & Let It Dry

Use as many paint layers over your primer to get a fine color & finish. Again, allow it to dry for 24 hours prior pulling the tape off.

I hope you have understood how should you be removing rust from a car. If not, here is a video tutorial to assist you.

How To Prevent Rust From Forming Further?

  • Regularly check the car’s paint
  • Wash your car once in 2 weeks
  • Apply a wax coat once in a month
  • Apply a good quality anti-rust spray or protective lubricant if your car is been used in harsh environments. But do this after cleaning and drying your car thoroughly.
  • Wash your car often if you live near ocean or sea
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