Top 15 Cute Ways To Ask A Guy To Sadies

If you are here, then probably you are searching for some cute ways to ask a guy to Sadies or something related. If you happen to live in United States and study at a public high school, chances are that you would have heard about Sadie’s or popularly known as the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Now, this particular dance is named after Sadie Hawkins, a character from the comic strip ~ Li’l Abner. The comic strip was introduced in 15 November 1937. Li’l Abner always worried that she would never find her perfect date or be married like other girls. To help her with this, her dad declared something called the Sadie Hawkins day, where women who weren’t married had the chance to chase and marry the bachelors they “caught”. This (late 1930s) was exactly the time when dance themes were organized in schools and girls had complete freedom to ask a guy out. The very first recorded event was held on 9 November 1938. Due to the popular and unique way of the dance, the event was celebrated in 40,000 different venues during the year 1952. The event is most popular in US and Canada.

As per the story, Sadie Hawkins Day is celebrated in November. However, there was no specific date. As a girl, you surely don’t want to have the feeling what Li’l Abner had right? So, to make sure that you are able to get a “yes” from the guy you like, it is important to approach him the right way. But also keep in mind that the world will not end just because he said no. Remember, there are “plenty of fish in the sea”. Certainly, he isn’t the only guy in the whole school. Correct? For people, who haven’t heard of Sadie Hawkins Dance before, let me tell you that it is a semi-formal dance, which is sponsored by middle schools, high schools and colleges for girls to invite guys out. Most girls just freak out when this occasion arrives. This is probably because they do not know how to ask a guy to sadies or they get too nervous to approach. Whatever the reason is, remember that there are 4 things for you (as a girl) to note down:

  • Self-confidence
  • The way you approach
  • Proper conversation to get a ‘yes’ from him
  • Have Plan A & Plan B, because even if one fails, you will have the other as your savior

If you get the above four things right, nothing can stop you from dancing with the guy you like.

15 Cute Ways To Ask A Guy To Sadies

Cute Ways To Ask A Guy To Sadies

Asking a guy to Sadie’s can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Exciting in a way that it is a rare moment and you will feel that blood rushing in your veins but terrifying because you do not know what his answer will be once you ask him out. Lucky for you if you are that woman of confidence because you can definitely deal with everything calmly and systematically. However, that is not the case in ladies who are shy or lack the creative idea of asking a man out.

Sadie Hawkins Day is the ideal moment for you to show that you have the guts to ask him out or for a dance. To ensure that you hit it right, as a guy myself and having faced this situation from a girl (with whom I am in love with now), I have listed out 15 of the best yet cute ways to ask a guy to sadies. Remember that guys are like girls too. Though most of them do not admit that they also feel as romantic and excited like girls do, it is still a fact that guys can be wooed and surprised. Once you have developed that confidence, scroll all the way down and check my creative ways to ask a guy to Sadie’s.

1. Make A “Will You Be My Date?” Note

As love letters will never go out of style, it is also same with a note. If you are really not great with asking a guy directly, this is also one of the best ways to score a date for Sadie’s. So you’d better grab that paper and pen now and make a one-of-a-kind note for that guy you wished to be with.

2. A Gift

When it comes to buying presents, guys think that it is hard to buy something for a girl, and girls also think that it is hard to buy something for a guy. While choosing a gift for a guy, you should make sure what his interests are? Perhaps, a CD of his favorite artist, or a football ball, or maybe even a colorful palette if he is an artist. But no matter what the gift you buy him, include on the gift card that you want him to be your date to Sadie’s.

3. Dinner Your Way To A Yes

As per an old saying — “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, considering this, you can also use food to earn that much coveted “yes” from him. You can cook for him and make sure that you make it mouth-watering delicious. You can also cook him his favorite food, but with your own twist. Make sure that whatever you are cooking, it should taste uniquely your own. In short, the taste and flavor you offer him should make him nod his head to be your date, and perhaps even score you more moments past Sadie’s.

4. Put The Words In A Frame

This is not a literal note that you are going to place it inside a frame. Rather, you choose a picture of him (the best one), or perhaps if you have a picture together, you can also use it. Place that snapshot in a frame and caption it with “The face of my Sadie’s date” or “The perfect couple of Sadie’s“. Once he sees the caption, would he have the heart to say no to your expectant and smiling face? Absolutely not!

5. Pizza Perfect Way

Guys certainly love pizzas! From watching a football game to cozying up on a sleepy afternoon, pizza should be a part of the crew. The best part here? You can order a pizza, request for an asking-out message of “Will you be my Sadie’s date?” inside and then have it delivered to his front door. Of course, he will not be expecting the pizza, much more the note inside.

6. Sing Your Heart Out

Music changes lives. When singing a song to him, it doesn’t mean that you should have the best golden voice in the world. What really important here is that you can sing for him and make him smile. After the song, you can ask him out to be your partner for Sadie’s.

7. Tutor For A Date

If you are smart enough, you can offer to tutor him on a test or an assignment. Then, tell him that you have one question for him to answer (he will think that it is academic related). When he ask what your question is, ask him straight, “Will you be my date to Sadie’s?” But if you want the other way around, you can alter the situation and ask for his help to tutor you instead. While he is not looking, write the note on your notebook about asking him out, and then tell him that you need help in answering that assignment, and when he leans over to see it, show him the note.

8. Play It With Paint Colors

If you have an artist inside you, wake her up. You can paint for him! It’s surely one of the most unique ways to ask a guy to be your date because it will really make him see your effort that you are painting for him. Trust me, it will surely melt his heart.

9. Ask Him Through A Drink

As guys would always love to drink a bottle, you can offer him a drink… but with a personalized label. Instead of the normal label of the drink, you can create your own with a note asking him to be your date and plaster it on the bottle before you hand the drink to him. Clever, isn’t it?

10. Have It The Sporty-Way

Most guys love to watch sports, and it is one of the activities that you can use to earn his yes. If you know that he is going for a game, you can go and watch the game too. Make sure that you open normal conversations that are game-related and hit it right along the way. Once the game is finished you can say, “I enjoyed watching the game with you, but I think I will enjoy it more if you can go to Sadie’s with me”. Have that irresistible smile plastered on your face and before you know it, you already scored a date.

11. Cheer It Up For Him

For a girl who has the confidence needed to choreograph a cheering routine and perform it in front of the guy you want to ask out, and perhaps in front of the whole crowd too, then this cute way is definitely for you. You can even ask help from your friends if you cannot do this alone.

12. Create A Video

Video-making is one of the cute ways to ask a guy to Sadie’s. Have you checked those video proposals that create wonders? Well, this could also do the trick for you. So grab that video camera or even your phone and make a video of yourself, then send it to him via e-mail. Or if you are that confident enough, you can upload it on social media sites and make sure that he can see it for himself.

13. Pin Him With A Parking Ticket

This is surely one of the cute and creative ways to ask a guy out to Sadie’s. Print and cut a paper that is similar to a parking ticket. Put on the paper you’re “summoned”, which is of course your purpose of asking him out to Sadie’s. Then, stick it on his car’s windshield.

14. Radio Broadcast

Basically, this is one of the nerve wrecking yet cute ways to ask a guy to Sadies. You need to know what the guy’s favorite station is and his favorite song as well. Then, you should call the station, request for his favorite song and a special message that you are asking him out to Sadie’s. Just make sure that your timing is perfect and that he is listening to the radio by the time you make your request.

15. Note Passing

Remember that note passing during your elementary and high-school days? Well, you can do this too to win! Just make a note where you are asking him out to Sadie’s and with a check box of a yes or a no. Then, have someone who will hand him the note where he needs to return it with a check mark. Just cross your fingers that there will be a big check on the yes box.

Note: You need to condition your mind before asking a guy out. Hence, you really need that major confidence in you. Always remember that boys are attracted to girls who can carry themselves well and have the sense of confidence in them. You need to prove that you are worthy to be their date during Sadie’s, and that no one is better than you. If you have that streak of confidence, trust me, there will be no problem.

This is only 15 cute ways to ask a guy to Sadie’s. There are other creative ways as well, and each of the ways may actually earn you that big yes! All you have to do is to think positively and repeat the mantra that you will go out with the guy you like on Sadie’s. Most often, it is our positive attitude that attracts good vibes, and attracts the guys too. In the meantime, if ever your plans backfire, do not lose hope. Remember that you need to push, push and push until you eventually reach the moment that you are waiting for.

If in any case the guy you like is already taken by another gal, remember that there are still many guys out there. Who knows? The next guy that you ask out might be better than the original guy you planned to go out with? Whatever happens, you just need to enjoy the experience of asking a guy out and the actual dance itself.

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