Top 20 Most Populated Cities In The World

There are different kinds of people in every country. And in every country, there are different small and large cities with countless number people living in it. These people have distinct behavior and ways of life. They follow different religions but they share the same culture. As years go by, the world’s population also increases due to high birth rate compared to the number of mortality rates. Now, before we tackle the most populated countries in the world, let us first know what is population and city.

What is Population?

Population is the total number of people of the same race who lives in a certain area or a city and is capable of multiplying. The branch of science, which tackles the statistical study of human populations, is called Demography.

What is a City?

City is the large and permanent place for humans to settle over a long period of time. Cities usually have intricate systems such as sanitation, land usage, housing, utilities and transportation. According to the history, cities were first made after the Neolithic Revolution. This Neolithic Rebellion conveyed agriculture, which makes human population grow and support the city development.

A city is made to serve as a central place of employment for the advantage of the participants living in neighboring vicinity and this also enables collaboration of all kinds. These collaborations result to both positive and negative effects between each other’s decisions.

Positive benefits include:

  • Exchange of ideas
  • Large local markets
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Running water
  • Sewage disposal and
  • Sharing of natural resources

However, this collaboration may also garner disadvantages which include:

  • Higher mortality rates
  • Higher rate of crime
  • Pollution
  • Higher living costs
  • High commuting times and
  • Traffic

In 1950, Gordon Childe tried to elaborate a remarkable city with 10 universal metrics and these are:

  1. The mass and density of the inhabitants should be over the standard.
  2. Diversity of population because not all people produce their own food.
  3. Expense of tolls to a divine being or king.
  4. Immense public structures.
  5. A method of writing.
  6. Methods of taking notes and practical sciences.
  7. Those people who cannot produce their own food are sustained by the king.
  8. Trade and importation of raw materials.
  9. Improvement of symbolic art.
  10. Specialist craftsmen from the external of kin-group.

The difference of the large city to a small town is the organized government. However, the meaning of cities and towns are different in every part of the world. There is no fix definition of the word “city”. The term city may be used for a town having a town status. For a town area greater than a subjective inhabitant’s size; for a town ruling other towns with actual regional economic or administrative importance. City can be also referred to an accumulation which includes out-of-town and satellite zones.

Global city, which is also known as world city, is a noticeable center of innovation, trade, finance, banking and markets. The city can be perceived as a vessel where skills and resources are focused: the enhanced city is to focus its expertise and properties, the further success and power of the city.

20 Most Populated Cities in the World

Below are the top 20 of the most populated cities in the world. This data population figures are from the 2014 census. This data refers to the urban accumulation which would also sum the neighboring urban zones in total.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Total Population: 37,833,000

Top 20 Most Populated Cities In The World

Tokyo is the most inhabited city the world has ever seen, with a total population of 37,833,000. It is the capital and the biggest city of Japan. The Greater Tokyo Region is the most populated urban area in the world. It is formerly known as “Edo”, Tokyo was made the headquarters in 1603 by Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Tokyo is often called as a “city” but it is really a metropolitan prefecture which combines the characteristics of a town and a region.

2. New Delhi, India

Total Population: 24,953,000

Top 20 Most Populated Cities In The World

New Delhi is the second most inhabited city in the world with a total population of 24,953,000. It is the center of India and the place of legislative, executive and judiciary divisions of the Indian Government. New Delhi is situated within the city of Delhi and it is a great metropolitan region in the country’s north.

3. Shanghai, China

Total Population: 22,991,000

Top 20 Most Populated Cities In The World

Shanghai has a total population of 22,991,000. Shanghai is the biggest Chinese city by population and the leading city proper by population in the realm. In fact, it is the most prominent international metropolis that draws a lot of attention on a global level. Located at the tidal mouth of Yangtze River, Shangai serves as one of the most influential, financial, economical, cultural and technology centers in Eastern China. Apart from its modernization, its multicultural flair bestows with a great glamour. Here, you are sure to find the ideal mixture of cultures: oriental and western, traditional and modern.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

Total Population: 20,843,000

Top 20 Most Populated Cities In The World

Mexico City is the 4th most populated city in the world with total number of residents averaging at 20,843,000. It is officially known as Mexico, D.F. and also the national region capital of Mexico. Mexico City is Mexico’s largest city and the most vital in financial, political, educational and cultural center. It is situated in the Hill of Mexico, a huge valley in the high hills at the middle of Mexico. It also consists of sixteen regions.

5. São Paulo, Brazil

Total Population: 20,831,000

 Top 20 Most Populated Cities In The World

São Paulo is the 5th most inhabited city in the world with a total population of 20,831,000. It is called Saint Paul in English and it is a town, metropolitan area and global city situated in southeastern Brazil. It is the most inhabited city in Brazil, South America, and the Southern Hemisphere. São Paulo is the center of the state of São Paulo, Brazil which is the most populated and richest state. It possesses strong regional influence in finance, entertainment, arts and commerce.

6. Mumbai, India

Total Population: 20,741,000

Top 20 Most Populated Cities In The World

Mumbai also known as Bombay (former name) is the center city of the state of India of Maharashtra. It has a total population of 20,741,000. This, one of the densely populated cities in the world. This city is situated at the west coastline of India and has a profound natural port. In 2009, it was claimed to be the richest region in India with utmost billionaires and millionaires among other municipalities in India.

7. Osaka, Japan

Total Population: 20,123,000

Top 20 Most Populated Cities In The World

Next on the list of top 20 most populated cities in the world is none other than Osaka. It is a labeled city in the Kansai district of Japan with a total population of 20,123,000. It is the center city of Osaka Region and is the largest section of the Keihanshin Metropolitan Region. Osaka is also the 2nd largest metropolitan region in the entire Japan and is located at the opening of the Yodo River in Osaka Bay. It is Japan’s 3rd largest city and serves as the main economic core.

8. Beijing, China

Total Population: 19,520,000

 most populated cities in the world

Beijing, formerly known as Peking has a total number population of 19,520,000. It is the center city of People’s Republic of China. Beijing is one of the most inhabited regions in the world and the national capital district of China.

9. New York, United States

Total Population: 18,591,000

Top 20 Most Populated Cities In The World

New York, often called the New York City has a total population of 18,591,000. It is the most inhabited region in the United States and the center of New York Metropolitan Area. NYC wields important impact on finance, commerce, media, fashion, art, education, technology, research and entertainment. In fact, it is defined as the cultural and financial center of the world. It consists of five regions which are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Queens.

10. Cairo, Egypt

 Total Population: 17,662,000

most populated cities in the world

Cairo is the center of Egypt and also the biggest region in the Middle East. In its metropolitan area, Cairo is the 15th biggest region in the world and it is situated near the Nile Delta. It was established by Jawhar al-Siqilli in the 10th century CE, but the land constituting the existing city was the location of national capitals whose leftovers remain noticeable in parts of Old Cairo. Cairo is connected to the ancient cities of Fustat, Memphis and Giza.

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