Top 5 Rumors That Explains Apple’s Huge Plans For Iphone 7

The first murmurings of the upcoming and ultimate launch from Apple ~ iPhone 7 has already reached many ears. It is going to be launched in September 2016. It is more likely that Apple will maintain to release 2 versions of iPhone, so we might see iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Of course, we are 100% aware that iPhone 6S and 6S plus are only a few months old, however, the rumors about the next new iphone 7 has already begun to churn. Given the unpredictable, eager nature of technology world and humans’ voracious need for faster, slimmer and high-end design – something that the 6S has lacked – iPhone 7 is being claimed to be one of the most impatiently anticipated additions of 2016’s smart phone roster. The phone may not appease all, with rumors that Apple is going to ditch its headphone port. So, what can you expect from the next new iPhone 7? Well, read this article further and bookmark it, as we will keep it updated with the latest leaks, announcements and other iphone 7 rumors.

5 Rumors About iPhone 7 That Reveals That Apple Is Planning Big

iPhone 7 rumors, leaks and release date

1. The Recent iPhone 7 Leaks Reveal That Apple Is Doing A Big Change With The Design

With the past design changes where iPhone 6 & 6+ handsets went larger in size, we are sure that Apple is going to plan for a big redesign this time too. But the question is how big? Apple’s standard pattern – number followed by the letter ’S’ is well recognized and it also means that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have a major redesign this time as well. According to G For Games, it is rumored that Apple is presently testing 5 different models for iPhone 7, each of which is remarkably distinct. Here are 3 major design changes Apple is going to bring to its iPhone 7.

Design Change #1 – Bye Bye Lightning Port

This maybe going to create a practical impact on most customers, as Apple is going to ditch its Lightning Connector. It will be replaced with a Type-C USB. With Android smart phones extensively predicted to also move to Type-C during 2016, there is a high possibility that this can potentially unify the charging standards.

Design Change #2 – Introducing Wireless Charging

Recent growing rumors about the next iPhone 7 claim that Apple is also going to ditch its headphone jack (3.5 mm). So, this clearly concludes us that they are focusing on wireless charging. However, there is no proper information whether Apple has made it on own or it is going to be compatible with the existing charging standards (wireless). Given Apple’s label as “late but innovative and right” technological introductions, we doubt that the brand might launch anything if it isn’t able to provide comparable charging speeds as of that of wired ones.

Design Change #3 – Multi 3D Touch

Apple is continuously testing its latest 3D touch. So, how is this going to work? Say for instance, a 2 finger real time 3D touch for back button or a 3 finger touch to get into your home screen? The question is – will it be practical? Well, this is a bit skeptical for us but we are sure Apple is trying hard to expand the touch functionality.

2. Changes With The Glass Touch Panels

Though the Apple’s iPhone 7 is not going to launch until 2016 September, we are still hearing few rumors about its touch panels as well. One rumor from the Asian supply revealed that Apple is going to switch to glass-over-glass panels, allowing for an ultimate edge-to-edge screen display. However, Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst in KGI Securities has not agreed with this point, suggesting that Apple will still stick with the in-cell panels. In fact, in-cell panels will make iPhone 7 even thinner. Perhaps, equal to that of an iPod Touch – somewhere from 6.0 mm to 6.5 mm. So, iPhone 7’s thickness may be expected to decrease by 1mm.

3. Apple Is Going To Implement Waterproof Frame For iPhone 7

There have been many speculations made that the upcoming iPhone 7 will ditch the conventional aluminum casing and have a durable and waterproof frame implemented. So, it will have the capability to withstand water as well as dust.

4. Radical Changes With The Processor Too

According to predictions by Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst in KGI Securities, iPhone 7 may have different RAM inbuilt. The smaller iPhone 7 (4.7 inch) might come with a 2-GB RAM whereas the bigger iPhone 7 (5.5 inch) might come with a 3-GB RAM.

5. iPhone 7: A Resolution You Wouldn’t Have Experienced Before

Various sources and leaks reveal that the next iPhone 7 will allow users to record 4K videos in complete HD. Let’s see what happens and how things work.

We still have to wait for a long time, until iPhone 7 are actually launched in September 2016. So, what do you think about the Apple’s next big launch? What do you expect from an iPhone 7? Tell us through comments.

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