Top 8 Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Roses

In every garden, roses are considered to be the most beautiful and the queen of all flowers. Roses vary in different colors like white, orange, red, pink, maroon, beige, yellow etc… They have very soft and delicate petals with so much fragrance in it that can be used as perfume. They bloom nicely and attractively in perfect shape that you can’t help but fall in love with it.

Even though there are flowers that match the roses’ characteristics such as appearance and fragrance, they cannot be compared with their uses and meanings. Their colors have special meanings — such as white which indicates pureness and innocence, the pink colored rose symbolizes of falling in love with someone, red roses means love, and there are a lot more meanings depending on the colors.

However, there are instances when we see other flowers and think of them as roses – when in fact they are not – because of their striking similarities. Some do have the same scent as roses, similar appearance of petals and there are also varieties of flowers that are similar to roses. Sometimes, these flowers that look like roses need extra special treatment compared to roses for them to live well but, there are also some which grow easier than roses.

Best 8 Flowers That Look Like Roses

Here are 8 most beautiful flowers that look like roses:

1. Ranunculus

Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Roses

Ranunculuses are also known as Persian buttercups and are very much similar to roses. These flowers can be damaged if the temperature reaches lower than 25 degree Fahrenheit. Persian buttercups have double flowers which look a lot like the varieties of the old-fashioned cabbage rose. These flowers are planted during the spring season in moderately hot areas or in areas with mild winter during the fall season.

These beautiful Persian buttercups generate flowers with great colors that bloom during the summer and spring season. The Ranunculus is a big flower which includes species of 600 plants such as spearworts, buttercups, lesser celandine and the water crowfoots. Persian buttercups’ petals are frequently shiny and these flowers are growing as colonizers which are the same to the weeds that are growing in your garden or backyard.

In horticulture, these rose-like flowers are famous decorative floras that is cultivated by many people especially those that have bright and large colored flowers.

2. Double Impatiens

Flowers That Look Like Roses


In America, Double Impatiens is the famous bedding flower. They are often considered as flowers that look like roses. All diversity of Impatiens do not grow and perform well under the direct exposure of the sun that is why it is better for them to be cultivated and grown in deep shady areas.

Impatiens best grows in a soil that is moist, rich and fertile since they are profound feeders. So, if you want your Impatiens plant to grow healthy, you must make sure to fertilize the soil before planting it and throughout the growing period, water the plant with the fertilizer solution. Double Impatiens is a great bud vase flower plant.

The Impatiens wallerina is called as busy Lizzie in United Kingdom, sultana, balsam or just plainly Impatiens. This was a native flowering plant that comes from Kenya and later on went to Eastern Africa and Mozambique. Impatiens is a flower which only has 5 petals and all its parts – which include the stem, leaves, roots and flowers – are supple and can easily be damaged.

3. Lisianthus

Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Roses

Credit: gardening-guy

Lisianthus or eustoma is a flowering plant that was developed in native America. These flowers come in single and double — but the double ones look a lot like the wild rose. This native wild flower plant originally has blue flowers. But due to hybrids, the varieties of these flowers come in different colors which include white, cream, purple, light pink, dark pink and lavender.

From small seeds, it takes five months for the plant to have flowers. And they grow best in under the direct exposure of the sun and soil that is very well-drained. Lisianthus is a wildflower that grows natively in warm areas of Mexico, Southern United States, northern South America and Caribbean. In addition to that, some Lisianthus flowers are bicolored and some are rarely found in carmine-red or yellow.

Lisianthus flowers begin to blossom during the early summer but there are also some that continue to blossom during the later days of summer. The fascinating part is this flower can last from 2 to 3 weeks in a bud vase when it is cut. The Lisianthus flower is also known as Texas bluebell, Lisianthus, gentian, tulip gentian and prairie gentian.

4. Begonias

Flowers That Look Like Roses

Tuberous Begonias or simply Begonias are one of the most amazing species. This specie includes 1,795 different kinds of plants. Begonias grow best in soils that are moist in tropical and subtropical areas under the filtered sunlight. But if these plants are exposed in too much sunlight, it will only produce a small number of flowers.

Although in cooler temperature, some of these species are being cultivated and grown inside the house to be used as decorative house plants. However, there are also times when these flowers are grown outside during the summer season to produce bright and colorful flowers in which there are only sepals instead of petals.

5. Camellia sasanqua

Flowers That Look Like Roses

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With its ordinary name sasanqua camella, it is a kind of Camellia plant that grows originally in China and Japan. When this flowering plant grows up, it reaches the height of 900 meters. The Camellia flower petals come in colors from white to dark pink.

In history, rather than for ornamental reasons, Camellias are being cultivated for practical uses. These uses include the use of its leaves to make a tea and nuts, or seeds are used to make tea seed oil. This tea seed oil is used for lubrication, lighting, cosmetic and cooking. Because of its glossy green shrubs and single white colored flowers which produce a very fragrant scent, this Camellia sasanqua is highly cherished in every garden.

6. Gardenia

Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Roses

Gardenia is a kind of flowering plant that is a part of the coffee family. This flowering plant grows originally in the subtropical and tropical areas of Australasia, Africa, Oceania and South Asia. This was named after Dr. Alexander Green, who was a naturalist, by John Ellis and Carl Linnaeus.

The Gardenia species grow in small trees and green shrubs that range to 1 – 5 meters. This plant has leaves which are broad, dark green in color and shiny with leathery surface. Gardenia’s flowers come in single or in small groups with colored pale yellow or white. And this plant produces flowers from mid-spring and ends in mid-summer and many genus of this plant have flowers which are powerfully aromatic.

7. French Marigold

Flowers That Look Like Roses


Tagetes patula which is commonly known as French marigold is a group in the family of daisy which is grown natively in Mexico and Guatemala with more than a few of this species in several other countries. Yearly, this French marigold flower rarely reaches to its size of 0.5 meters by 0.3 meters.

This plant produces flowers from July and ends in October in various climates. French marigold in its native environment is located in the moorlands of central Mexico. And its flowers blossom during September until winter. While the leaves of all kinds of Marigold contain oil glands in which these oils have strong smell.

Marigold is used as a cover plant on herbaceous boundaries. In the majority of varieties, these are plants which have flowers that are colored with blended yellow and red. And since French marigolds are rich source of nectar, they are often planted in butterfly gardens.

Yearly, small flowers of Tagetes patula are cultivated and harvested to be added to the food of the poultry to make the egg yolks have a golden color. These small flowers can also be used to add color in the food of humans.

The flowers are harvested to produce essential oils and these oils are being extracted from the plant to produce a perfume when it is mixed with sandalwood oil.

8. Portulaca

Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Roses

Last on the list of flowers that look like roses is Portulaca. Also known as purslane, Portulaca is a kind of group in the family of flowering plant which consists of 40 to 100 classes that can be found in warm moderate and tropical areas. They are commonly called as moss roses. The ordinary Purslane is widely well thought-out to be safe to eat plant, while in some regions, it is considered to be a persistent kind of weed.

Purslane is edible to eat when it is cooked and also when it is raw. It also can be used in dishes especially in stir fry. Some people say that Purslane has a texture that is like a mushroom and the taste which is like a lemon. This plant can be grown easily in cold areas such as in United States’ New England region.

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