Top 8 Cute Cats That Don’t Shed Much

It has always been a common misconception that cats are heavy shedders just because they have fur. While it is true for some cats, this piece of information does not apply to all as there are some cats that don’t shed much.

As a matter of fact, only one cat breed is hairless (Sphynx) and the rest do shed. Most cats shed but the amount of fur they drop is not the same because they are of different breed type and have varied characteristics.

For people who have asthma or those who are prone for allergies but still want to have a cat as a pet, fret not, as there are cats that you can take care of without putting your health at risk. Since these cats are generally low shedders, they do not pose much danger to individuals who are very sensitive to allergens.

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8 Cats That Don’t Shed

We have compiled a list of 8 cat breeds that shed very less. Also, we have given a score for every cat’s shedding (the score system is explained below). Time and again, I just want to re-iterate that though we use the term “do not shed”, these cats are still shedders, except for one, but they do so in a very minimal amount which is not that much risk to your health nor too messy for your home.

If you really want a pet cat, we hope that you are able to look and find the one you are looking for with the different felines that we have listed here for you to check on.

Score System For Cat’s Shedding

For every cat, you see here in this list, there is a score, which has been given after deep research. These scores explain a cat’s level of shedding. The lesser the score, very less a cat sheds and vice versa. If you feel that this score is incorrect or you feel that it is not appropriate, feel free to tell us in the comments section.

The cats listed here are already low-shedding breeds. So, the points are based on how less they can be. The scores range from 0 to 5, where 0 is the minimum and 5 is maximum.

  • If a cat gets a score 0/5, it means that it doesn’t sheds at all.
  • If a cat gets a score 1/5, it means that it sheds almost to nothing (probably 3 to 10 hairs).
  • If a cat gets a score 2/5, it means that it sheds very less.
  • If a cat gets a score 3/5, it means that it sheds less.
  • If a cat gets a score 4/5, it means that it sheds less but compared to other breeds in this list, the level of shedding is higher.
  • If a cat gets a score 5/5, it means that it sheds less but compared to other breeds in this list, the level of shedding is the highest.


1. Sphynx Cat

Shedding Score: 0/5

Cats That Don't Shed

One look and you may be surprise with how a Sphynx cat looks like. It is a hairless cat which obviously has nothing to shed. The Sphynx is considered as an accidental cat breed, as they are hairless offspring of furred cats.

A Sphynx vies for attention, and it is generally a good thing for him that he looks prettily unique from other cats. It draws attention wherever he/she goes. If it does not receives the attention he wants, he diverts his energy and becomes playful by climbing cat trees, exploring the surroundings and chasing a bug, or simply anything that he hopes can get your attention. Though he does not have any hair to shed off, taking care of a Sphynx still requires meticulous care since you need to keep its skin well-moisturized with a scent-free and gentle lotion or oil. They also need weekly baths to prevent greasing your furniture and clothes.

2. Devon Rex Cat

Shedding Score: 1/5
cats that do not shed

Credit: tumblr

A Devon Rex cat generally loves people and can easily become attached to your family and friends. A kitten born in Devon, England in 1959 named Kirlee was first thought to have the same genes as the Cornish Rex. However, test breeding found out that Kirlee was certainly unique and a result of a very natural genetic mutation.

A Devon Rex can weigh from 5 to 10 pounds. Though this seems odd, but a Devon Rex loves to stay level on the head of the person it likes. Due to this strange liking, the Devon Rex is usually seen situated on the shoulder of its favorite person.

A Devon Rex is more of “always in” type, as he/she wants to know everything that is happening around. Though it has a wavy coat, it can assure you that it is maintainable and manageable in an easy way. However, you need to groom it as gently as you can so that you could not damage and break its delicate hairs.

3. Bengal Cat

Shedding Score: 1/5

Top 8 Cats That Don't Shed

A Bengal cat is more on the wild and athletic side of cats. They are not your typical delicate pets as some other animals are. These Bengals are actually agile and graceful whose body is muscular and strong. One of the ancestors of this specific cat breed is the Asian leopard cat which is the primary reason as to why they have distinctive coats covering their large size.

Bengals usually weigh from 8 to 15 pounds, while some weigh even more than that. They are also one of the intelligent breeds and have very high energy that makes them readily and highly active in almost every activity. If you really want a cat that can entertain you, then you definitely must have a Bengal on your side as he can humor you with trick lessons, and in playing games.

Since Bengals do not shed much, a bathe is seldom necessary. However, what you need to do is to comb his short & thick coat weekly to remove dead hairs and evenly distribute his skin oil all throughout his body.

4. Bombay Cat

Shedding Score: 2/5
Bombay CTop 8 Cats That Don't Shedat


A Bombay Cat loves to play and do tricks. Though it was named after an exotic port city in India, the Bombay cat’s ancestry was not in any way related to India. It is more related to the Sable Burmese and American Shorthairs (its ancestors).

Someone wanted to create and develop a cat that closely resembles a black panther, hence, the crossbreed for the two. The person, who is often credited for the creation of this breed, is from Louisville, Kentucky, named Nikki Horner, a cat breeder.

Horner started developing the breed during the late 1950s with a goal of creating a sleek, shiny and black cat whose body is well-muscled, and will have a friendly temperament. They usually weigh 8 to 11 pounds. Their coat is also easy to care for considering that you only need to hand stroke their hair, or you can brush it down or rub it with chamoise to remove its dead hair weekly.

5. Burmese Cat

Shedding Score: 2/5


With a solid and muscular body, Burmese cat is well-described as a “brick-wrapped-in-silk”. It has been named Burmese cat because its ancestors are Siamese and copper cat of Burma (now Myanmar). The priests kept them inside their temple believing that the Burmese cats were temple and palace cat breeds.

Meanwhile, the Burmese cat that we have today hailed from one matriarch cat named Wong Mau and was owned by Dr. Joseph Thompson, who must have either took her from a sailor or personally brought her home from one of his travels.

The Burmese cat is actually friendly and energetic. They can charm their way to your hearts as their Siamese ancestors had done. This specific breed also seeks human companionship and is very intelligent. If you plan to own this breed, ensure not to leave him alone as they would not want it. Should there be any occasions where it is needed for him to be alone without any human companion in sight, it is best that you leave him with other cats and dogs (they have great relationship with dogs too!).

6. Ocicat

Shedding Score: 2/5
cats that dont shed much

Credit: animal-photography

When you see a spotted cat, you might think that it has originated from the wild and was just caught and breed. However, the beginning of the Ocicat is far from that. Ocicat was actually developed through cross-breeding Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair cats.

Ocicat can range from six to 15 pounds in weight. Just like Devon Rex, an Ocicat also loves to ride on a person’s shoulder, though they are usually found on the ground trailing the footsteps being taken by their owners.

They are also playful and devoted breed, and are generally sociable when guests or other visitors arrive. In fact, they are the ones who welcome them. The Ocicats tend to grab the opportunity of meeting these people for more petting and lap sitting. They also love to learn how to walk on the leash and love to retrieve toys. They are very smart that they can even learn tricks effortlessly. They are so smart that they can even open doors and remove latches.

7. Tonkinese Cat

Shedding Score: 2/5
top 8 cats that shed very less

Credit: zastavki

Hailing from Siamese and Burmese breeds, the Tonkinese cat has a very colorful history of its beginnings. Most commonly known in his short name as “Tonk”, it weighs six to 12 pounds. Tonk is generally a friendly, loving, active and one of those cats that don’t shed. He is an attention seeker, and demands for your attention. Unfortunately, he would not stop until he gets it.

When you take care of a Tonk, you’ll find it manageable and maintainable as they seldom need bathing. Tonk also requires a weekly brush as most cats on this list do to remove dead hair and properly distribute the oil on their skin. This is one of the cats that don’t shed considering that they produce very minimal shedding on their parts too.

8. Somali Cat

Shedding Score: 4/5
8 cats that shed very less

Credit: purina

Being an inquisitive and intelligent cat, Somali cat has everything that feline life has to offer. They have the abilities to climb higher, play harder, and jump farther. Somali breed was first seen during the early 20th century. However, they were only developed and recognized as a breed during 1960s and 1970s.

The Somali cat is too energetic that you might think it does not sleep at all as it is always on the go, moving and playing around. This cat breed loves to really be the center of attention and would do everything within its power to achieve and maintain that status. When you care for a Somali cat, you need to comb their hair at least once or twice a week using a stainless steel comb in order to remove the dead hairs.

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