Top 8 Good Questions To Ask Your Crush

What is the difference between crush and love? Aren’t they just the same? Crush is a feeling of infatuation towards the opposite sex. It is an admiration towards a boy or a girl because of his or her:

  • Appearance
  • Attitude
  • Personality
  • The way he/she smiles
  • The way he/she dressed

A feeling of admiration means that you are infatuated towards your opposite sex because he/she has the qualities you like.

However, having this crush feeling is not easy especially if you are the one having this thought. You need to constantly hide your feelings from your crush for the reason that you are scared that he/she might find out.

Since he/she is the apple of your eye, you want to take a step further and get closer to the person you like. If yes, then here are 8 good questions to ask your crush.

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8 Best Good Questions To Ask Your Crush

Good Questions To Ask Your Crush

1. Ask Your Crush If He/She Is Seeing Someone Recently

This question should come first on the list of good questions to ask your crush. Why? You don’t want to invest deeper feelings towards the person who is already committed, right? That is why, it is better to know early if your crush is already into someone to avoid further pain.

However, asking this question bluntly to your crush might let him/her think that you have feelings. You can think of some ways that you can ask this question without making him or her noticing your feelings. Instead, you can ask this in a teasing way or as if the conversation just went off to another topic.

2. Ask Your Crush About His Likes And Dislikes

This question is very broad to answer because this usually includes movies, music, color, food etc. By asking this question, you will know a lot from him/her. Through this, you will also know what his/her favorites and dislikes are. You will know whether you share the same likes and dislikes, which may improve the impression you have with each other.

These little information help you dig deeper about your crush. You can know his/her personality better. Also, you will feel glad if both of you and your crush have the same taste of interest. Doesn’t that make your heart flutter just by merely thinking about it? Nothing really beats the feeling when you know that you have the same interest with your crush. This will also help you know more about him and enjoy the things that your crush also enjoys.

3. Ask Your Crush About His Longest Relationship

Asking, “What is the longest relationship you have ever had?” will help you know if your crush is serious about relationships or not. It is not that you and your crush will quickly jump into a relationship, but this is also a better way to know him more. Is your crush a playboy or not? This question will help you understand him.

But, if your crush always had short-term relationships, it does not mean that he/she is a playboy or playgirl. There is a tendency that he/she has always been cheated on by his/her partner. Also, you cannot ignore the reason that he might be a player.

Well, no one can really dictate you regarding your feelings. So, whether your crush is a player or not, it is not your fault. You cannot also dictate your feelings towards your crush. If you are infatuated with him/her, then so be it. Just handle your feelings well.

4. Ask Your Crush About His or Her Hobbies

Next on the list of good questions to ask your crush is about the hobbies. It helps you know the things that he/she enjoys doing the most. You will also know if your crush is into sports, books, television, cooking, video games or some other things. In this way, you can also know more about him/her through his/her hobbies. Also, if you know her hobbies, you can give him/her a book, invite him/her to do some sports, play video games with him/her.

These are just few things you can do if you know the hobbies of your crush. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? This will also aid you to have a chance to enjoy things together. This will also help the bond that you have with your crush. If you also happen to like the things your crush enjoys, it is a good thing and maybe, a good advantage for you.

5. Ask Your Crush About His Most Embarrassing Moment

This good question does not really need a serious answer because this usually has funny responses. You will not only know the serious and emotional sides of your crush, but will also learn his funny or quirky side. If your crush shares this moment with you, then, you might be lucky.

Through this conversation, both of you will feel relaxed, and you will have the time to know each other better. This will also develop the friendship that both of you have. You will comprehend his or her personality and attitude as you ask more questions about him or her. Maybe, the things that you can observe on your crush are not really his personality.

6. Ask Your Crush About His Family

This question does not necessarily mean that you are an intruder into your crush’s life. You can just tell him/her that you are curious. You can ask about his/her mother and father’s occupation, siblings he/she had in the family and all family related questions.

This conversation will help you get closer with your crush. This may sound like a bribe but it is not. You can just tell your crush that it is just a sign of friendship, but little did he or she know that you are already infatuated with him/her.

You will also know what his/her family is like. It is one way to have a thorough understanding about your crush’s personality. Understanding the individual’s personality does not only need a day to know him/her but it could be like knowing him/her for a lifetime.

7. Ask Your Crush About His or Her Wishes And Ambitions

Wishes and ambitions are the realities of life. There is no man who does not have life’s wishes and ambitions. These things make a man strive hard in his life and that is for the better. So, asking this question to your crush will make you understand him better and know about his/her perceptions in life.

You can just ask one wish from your crush. Then, you will know what he/she yearns the most in his/her life. You can also ask about his/her ambitions in life to see if you both share the same qualities.

8. Ask Your Crush About His or Her Ideal Type

This is one of the frequently yet good questions to ask your crush. Asking his/her ideal type does not necessarily mean that you will change yourself to fit in to that. This will just let you know the types that he/she likes. Just remember that, many people may have his/her ideal type but there is always an exception. It means that you don’t have to change yourself in order for you to be liked. Just bear in mind that, it is better to be yourself than pretend in front of others.


Humans act in accordance to the feelings they have towards others. These feelings may be in the form of hatred, love, infatuation, disappointment or envy. However, not all these feelings are good. Sometimes, they are just those emotions that we do not want to feel towards another because it is bad or we feel can never be reciprocated by the other person, just like in love.


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