Top 8 Worst Dog Breeds That Are Hard To Deal With

Dogs are a man’s best friend, a great companion and an amazing house pet. Well, this is what you have been hearing most of the time. However, not all dogs are the best for you to make as your companion or pet because there are some worst dog breeds that can do more harm than good, especially if you are not familiar with its particular temperament and characteristics.

It is very important for you to research some information regarding dogs before you actually purchase one. After all, there are a lot of things to consider, which usually include:

Top 8 Worst Dog Breeds In The World

As a dog owner, I am pretty sure that you want to take care of a dog that you can be comfortable with. You are not alone on that aspect. Hence, this article will list you the top 8 worst dog breeds that you should stay away from, as they are hard to deal with, and they generally do more harm than good.

1. Chihuahua

Worst Dog Breeds in the world

Undeniably, this breed is really cute and lovable but a chihuahua is a big NO for first time dog owners as they can be too much at times. They have ear piercing howls plus they have too much energy that you need to address before it becomes out of control.

Most Chihuahua owners tend to agree that this breed requires high-maintenance. So you really need to have enough funds, resources, and time if ever you choose this breed as a pet. Another disadvantage of owning a chihuahua is that they snap a lot, making it not a good choice, especially when small children are around because it will just scare them off. They also poop everywhere if you don’t train them properly. Hence, it is not a good choice for those who are meticulously clean.

2. Chinese Shar-Pei

top 8 Worst Dog Breeds

If you want a Chinese Shar-Pei for a pet, then you must acquire one while it is still young since they need to be trained and socialized at an early age. If not, they will grow cautious around an unfamiliar person. But then again, you might also be having troubles training them as they are known as stubborn dogs, especially during trainings. If they are not trained well enough, this particular breed tends to become territorial and aggressive making them a dangerous dog breed, especially when children are around.

3. Shih Tzu

Worst Dogs in the world

True that they are known for their adorable and affectionate personality, but these traits only stem from proper training while they are still young pups. If not trained well enough, they become stubborn and easily frustrated. This is exactly why they are listed under the worst dog breeds.

Should they become annoyed or provoked by any external factors, Shih Tzus will respond with aggression and will attack the external stimuli that make them to feel such. Hence, it is not a really good idea for Shih Tzus to be around with small children as they can pull, poke, or unintentionally annoy or provoke your pet.

4. Siberian Husky

world's Worst Dog Breeds

With its size and ferocious look, I guess it is enough to scare anyone, which exactly is the reason to make it on the list of worst dog breeds in the world. Though a Siberian Husky is a good working dog, and can be good at children at times, they still have their natural instincts that closely resembles their ancestors – wolf.

Due to their wolfish genes, they have instincts to dig, jump, and chew on things inside your house that can damage your furniture and other things. If you do not give attention to caring, training, and disciplining a husky, there is a big tendency that they will develop behavioral issues and cause chaos in your homes (which sometimes makes time bad for children too).

5. Chow Chow

dangerous dog breeds

Yes, Chow Chow is cute and adorable to look at, but you should not be deceived because it hides some evil horns. You need to prevent boredom by giving them their much needed exercise. Also, this breed has subsequent destructive behavior, meaning that you need to have a watchful eye whenever they are around. Though they are great protectors, they tend to attach themselves to only one or two members of the family and will protect them at all cost.

6. Jack Russell Terrier

Top 8 Worst Dog Breeds In The World

A Jack Russell Terrier requires a high amount of exercise. Therefore,, you need to ensure that you walk him to a park every day. If you are not able to exercise him, or if he lacks exercise during the day, he may become stubborn and aggressive. They are usually fearless and very brave. They are always out to challenge bigger dogs.

Just like most dogs on this list, a Jack Russells is not really suited for families or places with small children due to their aggressive behavior, and their prey instincts. In addition, for their resilient nature, it is one of the dangerous pets .

7. Doberman Pinscher

Worst Dog Breeds

Dobermans are very protective on their families. You can be really sure that your child is in good hands whenever Dobermans are there. However, you should also take into consideration the welfare of other children. This breed will protect your children at all cost, even if it is against other children. As children tend to move swiftly and unexpectedly, a Doberman may mistake the movement of other children as an attack to your kid, and the dog will obviously attack an innocent child too.

8. Saint Bernard

Worst Dog Breeds

Yes, he is definitely cool, and lovable. But he is not really a good pet considering that a Saint Bernard usually drools a lot. So, unless you are fond of a messy and wet floor or carpet, then I suggest you to crush out the choice of a Saint Bernard on your list.

This particular dog breed is also known to eat stuffs such as dishtowels and socks. Also, if you have a small space inside your house, then this dog might not be for you as you cannot just live him outside. It is actually an indoor dog.

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