This Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser Will Leave You Traumatic

From fresh to old characters, deaths, rumors and missing threads, — what is actually going on with Jon Snow? To tell you more about it, HBO has released the Official season 6 teaser today. Watch it!


HBO has now released the 1st teaser of season 6 of GOT (Game of Thrones). It will be aired on April 2016. There has been a lot of speculations about Jon Snow’s death and whether he will be revived or not.

“They have no idea what is going to happen,” a character says in a voiceover.

Well, someone knows what’s going to happen, but not us.

The teaser is certainly – a tease – since it reveals a very little information. (Obviously, it puts more focus on the epic character ~ Jon Snow, who was endlessly-debated about his death last year). Since the 40 seconds advertisement from the HBO series was out with Jon Snow upright and alive, there have been a lot of rumors that Melisandre might use her witchcraft to bring Jon Snow back to life.

Speaking about the special characters, who are being dead, we are all eagerly waiting to know if Snow’s deadly stabbing will still stick. Even the crew and cast cannot decide on this. We have had frequent assurances that Jon Snow kicked the bucket; however Emilia Clarke and Carice van Houten are not very sure. The team is not confessing it with Michael Lombardo, HBO president yet. What’s interesting is that he lately revealed the present plan for GOT. It is rumored to end with 8th season; however, a prequel might be in the offing.

So, now the most important question — will Jon Snow come back? Tell us what you think about this in comments.