8 To Note: What Can You Buy With Food Stamps?

So, what can you buy with food stamps? Though the question is quite easy to understand and hear, it is not that simple, as there are lack of restrictions from what can and what cannot be bought using food stamps.

Is this food good for the health of the consumers? Or is it bad and can cause some negative effects such as damaging kidneys and livers, increasing the numbers of over-weight persons? Or simply just a bad choice for food that the Congress needs to evaluate whether they will let these products become available on food stamps? Read further to know.

The existence of food stamps helps a lot of people, especially those who cannot fend for themselves. However, giving out such food stamps does not come out without issues. These food stamps or rather reductions in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) had been a subject of debate in 2013 between the Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans are encouraging to decrease benefits that people can avail from it, while Democrats completely disagree on that viewpoint. Since these two parties are more involved in checking who is right and who is wrong, they have failed to determine the real issue that should be a priority above any politically-motivated agenda – the health of the American consumers.

According to Michele Simon, a public health advocate, “much attention has primarily concentrated on how agricultural subsidies fuel or cheap, unhealthy food supply.” Simon further stated that the largest taxpayer subsidy to Big Food in SNAP constitutes 10% of all grocery spent by the people. In such cases, it only shows that food stamps play a significant role in a big portion of what you need.

Top 8 Things You Can Buy With Food Stamps

What can you buy with food stamps? Is there anything that you can buy even just using a food stamp? Well, that’s what you have to find out as you go over this article. We have listed here the top 8 things. Take a look:

1. Baking Soda

What Can You Buy With Food Stamps

Yes! The ultimate home product that you should have in your household can be bought using a food stamp. As a matter of fact, I strongly recommend you to have baking soda in your own home all the time considering that it is not only useful in baking but also can be used as a simple home remedy! Furthermore, you can also use it to disinfect and clean the microwave, oven, floors, furniture, and clothes. Seriously, there are a lot of things you can do with it and if you have a food stamp with you, you can really save a lot.

2. All Kinds Of Vinegar

things to Buy With Food Stamps

If you want it sour, then you can definitely use your food stamp to purchase all kinds of vinegars that you want. This particular grocery item is also useful in many things aside from adding flavor to the food that you eat.

Whether you know this or not, vinegars can be used to clean floors, windows, your bathroom, and even use in your pet’s hygiene. In addition, vinegar is also useful for your laundry stains. Or if you have some health conditions that you need to address to such as heart burn, jelly fish sting, sore throat, or chest congestions, among many others, use your food stamp to purchase the vinegar you need.

3. Oils (Any Cooking Oil Which Also Includes Coconut & Olive Oil)

best 8 Things You Can Buy With Food Stamps

Whether you like it or not, or whether it is fatty or healthy, you must admit that we need some oil to live. We incorporate oils in our daily diet. Olive oil is good for our hearts. Similarly, virgin coconut oil has also been proven healthy considering of the many good things that you can get from it.


It is often used for a healthier and shinier hair, as an ingested supplement since it can improve blood cholesterol levels and decrease your risk for heart attacks. And if you are one of those on the heavy side, then I suggest you to use virgin coconut oil as it helps you burn excess fat, increases energy expenditure and lessens your hunger cravings.

4. All Seeds, With The Exception Of Sunflower Seeds

Things You Can Buy using Food Stamps

Seeds that produce food are very much included in the benefits of the food stamp. Sunflower seeds are exclusion. However, you can buy sun flower seeds using a food stamp if and only if it is packed as a ready-to-eat food.

5. Breads And Cereals

What Can You Buy With Food Stamps

When it comes to what can you buy with food stamps, breads and cereals are two of the major foods that everyone can’t live without, as it is usually a part of our daily routine. Most American breakfasts include these two products, and it is no surprise that other countries are following the same trend.

6. Dairy Products

What Can You Buy With Food Stamps

No day is complete without dairy products, or at least, that’s for my own opinion. Often times, eating dairy products is important for humans since these are taken from milk and are usually high energy-yielding, meaning that it gives you the required energy to carry out our daily activities and routines.

7. Fruits And Vegetables

Things You Can Buy With Food Stamps

To lead a healthier life, it is vital to indulge yourself with fruits and. People who consume more amounts of fruits and vegetables tend to have longer life and looks younger compared to those who eat less, or none at all. This is primarily because there are certain nutrients and minerals that are found in fruits and vegetables, which enhances your optimum level of well-being.

Furthermore, most fruits contain anti-oxidants that make your skin glow and keeps you look young compared to your real age. They also help boost your immune system and keep you strong enough to combat viruses and bacteria that can make you sick.

8. Meats, Fish And Poultry Products

Things You Can Buy With Food Stamps

If ever you are tired of eating fruits and vegetables because you do not consider yourself as a “goat”, then fret not as there are still a lot of options for you. You can always go with meat, fish and poultry as your food sources.

These products also contain nutrients and minerals on their own. These foods are a great source of protein which is also needed by your body and muscles. If you still have some food stamps available and you do not know what to buy from it, you will never go wrong with these products. I am pretty sure that you will be able to get the nutrition that you deserve. Just always remember, though, that you need to watch what you eat and avoid eating fats – such as the ones in pork.

There really are a lot on what can you buy with food stamps. All you have to do know is to make sure that you are buying the correct food and things, and not those unhealthy ones that can make you sick or feel bad.

8 Things You Cannot Buy With Food Stamps

Though food stamps are generally helpful for everyone, there are some things that you cannot buy using such and these include:

  1. Alcohol in any form
  2. Foods for pet
  3. Household supplies (deodorants, pads, tampons, sunscreen, lotion etc…)
  4. Any non-food items
  5. Medicines including vitamins
  6. Hot foods and
  7. Food that you can eat inside the store
  8. Toilet paper, dental floss, tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, detergents

With this list, I certainly hope that you are able to distinguish now what you can and cannot buy with your food stamps.

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