What Does LML Mean In Texting?

Acronyms are widely used, especially while texting. They are short and easy to convey what you want to. Often when texting in mobile phones and other chat applications (via computer), writing long sentences or phrases can be little hard. This is exactly why users find various ways to include important information in short forms. Now, here is where different abbreviated letters are used. Though there are many abbreviations, often people would want to know what does LML mean? If you are searching for the same query, you are at the right spot. Read further to know.

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What Does LML Mean Actually?

If you have seen your friends or people using LML somewhere and wonder what it is or why and where it is used, then we would like to tell you that it is a straightforward term without much back-story. However, it is extremely helpful while:

  • Communicating virtually
  • Sending texts and
  • Posting updates

Today, “LML” is widely used while texting – both in social websites and phone texting.

Meaning Of LML
The general meaning of LML is “Love My Life”. People use this term when something good happens in their lives. On the other hand, if you have been doing different fun things and you wish to make others jealous about it, then you may probably tell someone that: I Love My Life. Now, rather writing this entire phrase, you can just type as LML.

What Does LML Mean In Texting?

What Does LML Mean In Texting

If you are new to texting and social media, there is no doubt that you are going to come across a lot of abbreviations, symbols and letters. Therefore, it is important for you to know what does LML mean in texting, so that you can understand what is actually happening in digital world or why the person has used such a term.

While you are able to use some letters and then abbreviate to anything you wish to, in common, LML denotes “Love My Life”. There are several phrases to state how you may laugh out loud (like LOL) or LMAO (Laugh My Ass Off) or LMFAO (Laugh My Fucking Ass Off). Of course, typing these long phrases is going to take a lot of time and almost an entire text to send it. Hence, abbreviations are used.

LML has an opposite meaning too. You should have seen people using FML somewhere while texting. This is the opposite of loving your life. Its expansion is “Fuck My Life”, meaning something bad has happened in your life and you are very upset about it or your life is messed up. When a person uses FML while texting, it doesn’t mean that he/she is going to do something bad or his/her life is terrible. It is just that the person did not expect the undesirable situation to happen and he/she is expressing his/her feelings with the abbreviation “FML”. Say for example, you might accidentally trip and fall somewhere or accidentally drop a glass and it breaks. At such a time, you can post on social sites or among your friends group saying that: “I broke my expensive glass, FML”.

We would also want to make you aware that “Love My Life” is not the only expansion of LML. There are many others too. This is something where people often get confused at. It all comes down to where and in what situation you use it. Here are few to make a note of:

Other Meanings of LML
  • LML — Laugh Mad Loud or Laughing Mad Loud
  • LML – Let’s Make Love
  • LML – Licking My Lips
  • LML – Let’s Meet Later
  • LML – Let Me Look
  • LML – Last Mile Link
  • LML – Lean Misfire Limit
  • LML – Local Multicast Label
  • LML – Logistics Management Lifecycle


Other Variations You Need To Know While Texting

Apart from Love My Life (LML), there are other related variations you need to be acquainted with. These are listed below:

  • IL – In Love
  • IIL – I Am In Love
  • ILH – I Love Her
  • ILML – I Love My Life
  • ILI – I Love It
  • ILU – I Love You
  • ILY – I Love You
  • ILUT – I Love You Too
  • ILU2 – I Love You Too
  • ILNY – I Love New York
  • ILUSM – I Love You So Much
  • ILYAAF – I Love You As A Friend
  • ILYF – I Love You Forever
  • ILYL – I Love You Lots
  • ILYM – I Love You More
  • ILYSDM – I Love You So Damn Much
  • ILYSMB – I Love You So Much Baby
  • ILYVM – I Love You Very Much
  • ILYWAMH – I Love You With All My Heart

I hope you now know what does LML mean and the way it is supposed to be used while texting. But we would also want you to know that few people may not be aware of such phrases and end up using them incorrectly or at wrong situations. Sometimes, it causes an awkward conversation. Using abbreviations can be useful, however, it also leaves circumstances open for elucidation. Hence, use it at the right place and at right situations.

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