15 Slowest Cars In The World That Are Highly Priced

When it comes to cars, the one common thing most buyers look after is “speed”. Obviously, this is what people want when they travel. People’s craze for cars have always fascinated automobile industrialists to come up with new launches and this is exactly why you will see new cars being manufactured and released every year. The modern day cars are designed faster than you would have imagined. However, speed isn’t everything. Some people still desire to own slow cars than faster ones. If you are one among them, who prefers to buy one or just wants to know what is the slowest car in the world, then read the article further.

Top 15 Slowest Cars In The World

This article not only tells you what is the slowest car in the world but also lists other cars meeting this category. We have compiled it in reverse chronological order just to make you curious which car occupied the first position (in terms of slowest). So, let’s start.

Note: The slow cars are arranged in descending order with respect to their Top Speed.

At No 15: Fiat Qubo Natural Power 1.4

list of world’s slowest cars

  • Price – $17,965 to $19,608
  • Horsepower – 73 HP
  • Engine – 1368 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 16.2 seconds
  • Top Speed – 253 km/hr (157 m/hr)
  • Weight – 2766 lbs

Fiat Qubo 1.4 Natural Power was launched in the year 2009 and is claimed to be yet another slowest car in the world. It is powered with 1368 cc engine, 73 horsepower and is the first generation of MPV model. Fiat Qubo was first launched at Europe and runs on compressed natural gas or gasoline. This car is primarily intended for urban use, where the clean-burning methane fuel offers the biggest advantage. CO2 emissions are only 119g/km, which means that the Qubo is eligible for various incentives, even including some tax exemptions and other congestion charges.

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At No 14: Nissan Versa SL

what is the slowest car in the world

  • Price – $12,000 to 16,320
  • Horsepower – 110 HP
  • Engine – 1197 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 9.8 seconds
  • Top Speed – 190 km/hr (118 m/hr)
  • Weight – 2350 lbs

So, here comes another slowest car in the world, which is Nissan Versa LS (made in Japan). It is not only slowest but also a cheapest car in United States. This 4-door sedan is pretty spacious and is great to drive. What buyers actually loved about this car is its spacious interiors, user-friendliness, cheap navigation radio, low price, exceptional fuel-economy with Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission (CVT) and standard Bluetooth.

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At No 13: Fiat 500C

the slowest car in the world

  • Price – $18,400 to 20,345
  • Horsepower – 101 HP
  • Engine – 964 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 9.8 seconds
  • Top Speed – 185 km/hr (114 m/hr)
  • Weight – 2411 to 2545 lbs

We don’t have to introduce you to a brand like “Fiat”. This manufacturer’s 500C is reported to be one of the most inexpensive sedans in the Italian market. With puny, 4 cylinders and 101 HP, it is still one of the slowest cars in the world. However, this semi-convertible automotive makes you feel as if you are driving a sports car. The good thing about Fiat 500C is its 7-airbags enclosing you during a top heavy tipsy.

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At No 12: Smart Fortwo CDI

world’s slowest cars

  • Price – $13,270 to $17,900
  • Horsepower – 45 HP
  • Engine – 799 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 19.5 seconds
  • Top Speed – 140 km/hr (86 m/hr)
  • Weight – 1653 lbs

Next, on the list of slowest cars in the world is none other than “Smart Fortwo CDI”. This small and slow car can hold only 2 members. However, it is eco-friendly, meaning it emits low carbon dioxide. Smart Fortwo CDI was launched back in the year 2008 and since then it has been successful in sales. If you prefer to own a small yet slow car, then Smart Fortwo CDI is the right option for you. Also, the manufacturer is offering a diesel-version, which promises better efficiency and frugality. There is no doubt that various changes have made “Smart ForTwo” a better car. According to survey reports, it offers better comfort and on-road stability to its occupants. In short, you can say that this mini car has turned into a more proficient car. Ditching few of its unappealing quirks, it has turned as a trend to own and drive these slowest cars. Well, it all comes to your personal taste. You may love or hate.

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At No 11: Toyota Corolla LE

the slowest cars in the world

  • Price – $20,769 to $25,950
  • Horsepower – 98 HP
  • Engine – 1798 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 8.7 seconds
  • Top Speed – 130 km/hr (80 m/hr)
  • Weight – 2800 to 2875 lbs

Next on the list of world’s slowest cars is none other than Toyota Corolla. It is claimed to be one of the compact and sub-compact cars Toyota has ever produced. Regardless of its slowness, this car has been one of the top selling cars for years. Since it is inexpensive, most parents prefer to buy for their kids. Moreover, it is a stable car, thus, making it very helpful for people, who are just learning to drive. You will mostly see teens using it.

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At No 10: Mitsubishi i-Miev

the slowest cars in the world

  • Price – $22,995 to $23,845
  • Horsepower – 66 Hp
  • Engine – Electric
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 13 seconds
  • Top Speed – 130 km/hr (80 m/hr)
  • Weight – 2579 lbs
  • Battery – 330 V 16 kWh lithium-ion

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is one of the least expensive electric mini cars ever sold. It was released in the year 2014 and has a room for 4. Just because it is cheap and slow, it doesn’t means it is bad. Believe it or not, i-MiEV isn’t that horrible to drive. The brakes are firm, steering is lively and most importantly, it goes smooth. It is slow, though. Hence, forget winning those races you have dreamed of. Inside, there is nice air conditioning and 4 little seats. Four 6-foot adults can comfortably sit upright but their shoulders might touch each other, as the car is little narrow. With an EPA-calculated range of 62 miles, you will feel confident during city drives and small commutes. The EPA reports i-MiEV’s range to be 62 miles. It is less good when it comes to highway speeds. Its petite size and short of power above 50 mph makes it a real challenge during fast-moving traffic. Also, its driving level drops considerably at freeway speeds. The top speed at times can reach 81 mph, but it is really a big struggle to touch. In short, i-MiEV performs its best when used around town.

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At No 9: Chevrolet CMV

top 15 slowest cars in the world

  • Price – $12,270 to $17,900
  • Horsepower – 37 HP
  • Engine – 797 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 28 seconds
  • Top Speed – 130 km/hr (80 m/hr)
  • Weight – 992 lbs

Chevrolet has often been associated with the word “dinosaur” in the automobile industry. Moreover, it has been proving its standard ever since it started. Their cars are usually expensive. However, Retro versions are a classic. High power, reliability, reasonable price and advanced technology are few factors that differentiate Chevrolet from other cars in the market. Talking about Chevrolet CMV now, it is designed for everyday traveling or city driving. This car is convenient and practical in every way. It features easy handling and smooth drive. Qualitative suspension lets you handle troubles even during bad weather or bad roads. Though Chevrolet’s cars are usually expensive, this one is affordable.

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No 8: Toyota Prius v Wagon 2012 Model

top 15 slowest cars in the world

  • Price – $25,000 to 31,300
  • Horsepower – 98 HP
  • Engine – Electric
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 10.1 seconds
  • Top Speed – 125 km/hr (78.8 m/hr)
  • Weight – 3400 lbs
  • Battery – 202 V nickel-metal hydride

Since 1997, over 2 million Prius hybrids of Toyota have been sold in 70 different countries. Unbelievably, United States is reported to be the single biggest market for Prius, with over 1 million cars purchased in the year 2008. Even today, about 97% of priuses are still seen on the roads.

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No 7: Lexus CT200h

What Is The Slowest Car In The World

  • Price – $35,600
  • Horsepower – 134 HP
  • Engine – 1798 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 10.1 seconds
  • Top Speed – 125 km/hr (78.1 m/hr)
  • Weight – 3130 lbs

This good-looking and made in USA car is hard to believe if we had to put in the category “Slow”. However, CT200h is costlier than other slow cars of equal quality. Perhaps, this could be one of the reasons why most brand shoppers appeal this car. The designers have considered “weight” as an important factor while designing this hybrid. An interesting fact about Lexus CT200h is that it is made of bamboo charcoal resin.

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At No 6: Scion IQ

What Is The Slowest Car In The World

  • Price – $16,050
  • Horsepower – 94 HP
  • Engine – 1329 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 10.8 seconds
  • Top Speed – 124 km/hr (77.1 m/hr)
  • Weight – 2127 lbs

Toyota Company manufactured scion IQ in Japan. Believe it or not, scion in trend right now, as it is claimed to be one of the high-quality sedans on the small side. Now, 80% of scion’s size is its interior space. The car’s engine offers 94 HP. If you are truly looking forward to buy the world’s slowest car, Scion IQ is one option to prefer and not to mention, it is one of the top competitors for other slow as well as small cars.

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No 5: MIA Electric Car

the world's slowest car

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  • Price – $15,823 to $16,532
  • Horsepower – 13 HP
  • Engine – Electric
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 30 seconds
  • Top Speed – 109 km/hr (67.7 m/hr)
  • Weight – 1650 lbs
  • Battery – 8 kWh lithium ion

This 3-seated automotive is yet another world’s slowest car, which takes about half-a-minute to reach 60 mph. Its central driving angle reminds you of McLaren F1. It comes in 3 trims, which are:

  • Mia
  • Mia U (formerly named as Mia K)
  • Mia L

All the three versions have 2 battery options with a standard 8 kWh lithium ion battery, which can be replaced with a bigger 12 kWh battery. The best thing is that they come with a three-year warranty period. The Mia automotive collections were through a network at France, which specialized in electric mobility. The production started during June 2011 and the sales were restricted to fleet customers in Germany and France. Later, the sales went on internationally, even including Belgium, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Canada, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa and New Caledonia.

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At No 4: Tata Nano

slowest car in the world

  • Price – $1,700
  • Horsepower – 37 HP
  • Engine – 624 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 28 seconds
  • Top Speed – 60 km/hr (37 m/hr)
  • Weight – 1300 lbs

This car is manufactured by Tata Motors and is more common on Indian roads. Though it was launched with $1700 price tag, it increased over time. It was designed with an intention to entice middle-class families to use cars and ditch their 2-wheelers. During Nano’s launch, it received a lot of attention for its extremely low price. In fact, the sales were great for the first two years. However, it dropped slowly for its poor customer response and unessential features. In short, we would want you to think twice before buying this car because it lacks protection, map pockets, air conditioning, power brakes and even antilock brakes.

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At No 3: Renault Twizy

the world's slowest and smallest car

  • Price – $10,000
  • Horsepower – 17 HP
  • Engine – Electric
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 28 seconds
  • Top Speed – 45 km/hr (28 m/hr)
  • Weight – 1045 lbs
  • Battery – 6.1 kWh Lithium-ion

Renault Twizy is yet another slowest car in the world, which comes in 3 different models. You probably must have dreamt this car as a kid (due to its looks). It was launched back in the year 2012. It aimed city-goers to offer an electric, cool and 0-emission vehicle. It still is a great alternative to bicycles and scooters. Talking about its performance, it is good when you drive at city roads. The nice thing about Renault Twizy’s range is its effectiveness in regenerative breaking and battery power. Rather than a gearstick, you will see a neatly designed button on the steering wheel’s left side, which says D (Drive), N (Neutral) and R (Reverse). When it comes to equipments, it is more of “WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)”, meaning they are less. Few basic features like heated windscreen, pedestrian horn, horn, window wipers, headlights, indicators and hazard lights are included as a standard. This 2-seated electric vehicle is designed as well as marketed by Renault. During the year 2012, this battery powered electric vehicle was one of the top selling vehicles in Europe. Ever since its launch, about 15,000 Twizy have been sold globally (as of April 2015).

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No 2: Aixam Coupe S

world’s slowest cars

  • Price – $16,177
  • Horsepower – 5.6 HP
  • Engine – 40 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 28.5 seconds
  • Top Speed – 45 km/hr (28 m/hr)
  • Weight – 771 lbs

Aixam, a French Corporation has its motto as “Safe, Stylish, Secure and Slow”. Considering these things, Aixam launched “Coupe S” in Britian. This car has been crash-tested and proved to offer safe-drive for any 16-year teenager. Aixam Coupe S is certainly not for people, who prefer high-end cars. Hence, it is never going to impress if you happen to be a hardcore or rash driver. Aixam launched this car to target schoolyards. This ‘light quadricycle’ is often used by 16-year teens. In spite of being one of the slowest cars in the world, it can still beat a school bus. The best thing about Coupe S is that it doesn’t needs a driving license for public roads. However, you cannot deny the fact that teens sometimes may struggle paying off its insurance, which usually comes about $3560 per year. In short, Coupe S is great for kids, especially whose parents are worried about their safety while driving. It can occupy only one passenger though.

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What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

At No 1: Peel P50

What Is The Slowest Car In The World

  • Price – $17,000 to $20,000
  • Horsepower – 4.5 HP
  • Engine – 49 cc
  • Reaches 0 to 60 m/hr in 28 seconds
  • Top Speed – 45 km/hr (28 m/hr)
  • Maximum Speed – 16 km/hr (10 m/hr)
  • Weight – Less than 132 lbs

Most low top-speed cars are either hybrid or electric cars, which is the main reason why they give you extremely low speeds. Such cars are designed to protect our environment and to give better fuel efficiency. Now, here is the world’s slowest car ever designed. It is “Peel P50” and has even made it in the Guinness book of world records. Small size, speed limit, size, price and engine are few features that has made Peel P50 to be entitled as the “slowest”. Manx Peel Engineering Company once manufactured this 3-wheeled micro car in the year 1963 and 1964. They even advertised this car with the phrase “1 adult and 1 shopping bag”. However, in 2010, a new firm from England named “Peel Engineering Limited” launched it replica version. Even though this small yet slow car appeared similar to the one produced by the 1964 company, Peel made many mechanical changes. As in, with the drivertrain, suspension and steering. This car is only a display version and they aren’t legally allowed on public roads.

According to Guinness, the smallest car in the world Peel P50 is just 53-inches in length and 39-inches in width. However, it comes in 3 different colors

  • Daytona White
  • Capri Blue
  • Dragon Red

It occupies only 1 person. In fact, the driver himself/herself finds it hard to fit inside. It has just 1 door, which opens on the left, Until now only 45-50 cars have been manufactured. Amazingly, this small car does not have a reverse gear because it is so light that the person driving it can easily pick this car up and turn it around. Doesn’t this sound cool?

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