What Is The Tallest Tree In The World? – Wow, This Is Huge!

Apart from those beautiful flowers, seas, oceans, plants and mountains the one great gift from Mother Nature to we humans is none other than “Trees”. If you are a nature’s admirer then you would certainly love trees and plants. If yes, then here is something to know about the tallest tree in the world. You would be fascinated with the kind of massive height they can grow. You would only experience it after having a picture clicked beside them.

What Is The Tallest Tree In The World?

Have you ever come across seekers or tree searchers? Well, if you are hearing these words for the first time then let me explain. While many adventurous people hike many huge trails of redwood jungles, there are few who tour the roads less taken. These groups are interested to locate the most special and rarest trees on planet including the largest, shortest as well as tallest with interesting and unique features. These people are called tree searchers. They are credited to have discovered world’s most beautiful and exotic trees. Tree searchers have even helped a great way in enriching our knowledge by giving some valuable information on trees, which we’ve not heard of.

Before I list you down the worlds tallest trees, let me note you that the exact location of where you will see these trees is still kept secret and hence you will rarely be able to see their pictures in the internet (this doesn’t mean you won’t find them at all). Even though you will know where you find these trees, its accurate spots are still kept top secret for the only reason behind – “So that people don’t end up damaging them”. Unnatural disturbances around these old huge trees can easily impede their further growth.

No 10: Mendocino Tree

tallest tree in the world

  • Height: 368.1 feet (112.20 meters)
  • Location: Montgomery, Montgomery Flat (exact spot is unknown)


Taking the tenth place onto my list of tallest trees in the world is Mendocino Tree. It held the title of being a tall tree between December 1996 and August 2000 before Stratosphere Giant (see place no: 4) was discovered. The tree’s diameter is 4.19 meters and is too hard to find one, as it is occupied with equally giant trees. Mendocino is said to be standing about 5-stories higher than Statue of Liberty.

The exact spot of the above-mentioned tallest trees in the world is supposed to be secret and hence the pictures you see in this article are only an illustration. These trees aren’t guarded 24*7 & only the information is sealed. This is something that keeps these giant trees growing higher. I hope that locations are never leaked.

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