Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me?

why does my cat lay on meAs a cat owner, you must have experienced your kitty cuddling with you and laying on top of you at times. This could have often made you wonder – why does my cat sleep on me? Is he or she scared? Or it is his or her way of showing love and warmth?

A cat sleeping on top of you could signify many things. I have explained all the reasons here in this article. But before that, here are some interesting facts about cat’s sleeping behavior, which I thought you should know if you have a cat at home.

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5 Fascinating Facts About Cats’ Sleep
  • Cats conserve their energy by sleeping most of the time.
  • Young cats can sleep as long as 16 hours in a day whereas older cats spend about 20 hours.
  • During deep sleep, cats’ eyes are tightly closed, and body is usually curled up. It is also the time when cats dream. If you have observed your cat’s paws or whiskers twitching when he/she is asleep, there is a high chance your cat is dreaming.
  • Even in good sleep, cats are alert enough to wake up with a slight sound.
  • Whenever cats awake, they automatically flex and stretch every muscle to the fullest. They do this to restore circulation.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me?

Here are five good reasons why a cat loves to lay on top of you.

Why does my cat sleep on me

1. Way Of Showing Love

Since you are the master, your cat knows that you treat him or her as a family member. To return the love and care, it cuddles and sleeps on top of you. You would have seen your cat jumping and laying on top of you as soon you return home from work. Ever thought why? It just wants to be on your side. Since your cat cannot talk or hug, these cute cues let you know that he or she truly loves you. Don’t avoid or feel irritated about this. Show back the affection by pampering your cat or by gently scratching his or her head.

2. Need For Warmth

One possible answer to the question – why does my cat lay on me – is due to the need for warmth. Cats love resting at warm temperatures. If you have observed your cat properly, you must have seen that he or she gets some sunlight after waking up. Besides sun rays, felines are attracted to body heat as well. So, the next warmest spot is, of course, your chest, head, stomach, or thighs. Once your bed is all warm and nice, your cat is all set to hop in with you.

3. For Better Comfort and Coziness

As said earlier, cats sleep for about 16 hours a day or even more (if he or she is older). Of course, this much sleeping indeed requires a soft, cozy place. Ad who is better than you? Your tummy covered with a layer of a nice blanket is the best place for your feline to get comfortable at. In fact, much superior to any cat pillow or bed. So, this is one reason why cats love to sleep on you.

4. For Ultimate Security

Once your cat starts trusting you or gets used to your presence, he or she will often snuggle or sleep on you to feel secure. Besides comfort, he/she senses 100% safety with you. Also, pet experts say that the natural scents from the body help a cat to feel protected and secured. Hence, allowing your cat to lie on you for a while can build good bonding.

5. It’s Your Body Hormones

Humans have multiple hormones. Our bodies release chemical scents, which are unnoticeable to others but cats can. They have about 200 million scent receptors to pick up any smell in less than a second. Whenever you are scared, upset, nervous, sad, or happy, your body releases different hormonal scents. A cat can easily sense them and immediately find it curious. So, they sleep on you to find about it.

Hope, you have now understood why your cat likes to sleep on you. So, where does your cat sleep? And how is the bonding you two have? Share your stories in the comments section.

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