World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers That Are Almost Extinct

Undeniably one of the most magnificent creations of the Almighty is a “flower“. Who could ever say no to the beauty and bliss that blossoming tulips in the daylight of spring give? The radiance brought by those yellow daisies growing in the alley? Or the exciting and delightful feeling it gives when your someone special handed a bouquet of luscious red roses to you on Valentine’s day? Flowers are perfect ornaments throughout the season. They are the perfect embellishments for any occasion. Those natural scents lighten your mood. The vibrant colors it emanates are refreshing to the sight, especially under the clear blue sky on a sunny day.

Flower, a word that originated from Latin, called Florem, is associated with the language of Aryan. During the 14th century, it was renamed Flower. Some called it Flour, which created confusion to the flour used in baking and cooking.

Some flowers have meanings. Like the Chrysanthemums, which was believed to bring bad luck to some culture. It means death or sorrow, and were basically used during burial. A yarrow tea was being branded, as the healer had the capacity to clean and disinfect wounds during World War I. The mother of Achilles allegedly used it, after she gave birth to him. The different classes of rose, believe it or not, came from the clans of peaches, apples and berries. Some people still use rose petals for garnishing their dishes while others soak it in lukewarm water and drink like a tea. A blue cohosh, another kind of flower, was being utilized by many pregnant women in the past. They have this belief that this plant aids in having a successful birthing. The concoction of the flower Angelica was used to eliminate the dreadful effect of the bubonic plague. This was also utilized to banish evil spirit because some people believed that the flower Angelica came from heaven. Other kinds of flowers were also used as spices before; some of it was a substitute source of food. Truly, this living thing is a gift from heaven.

If you went through the list of flowers that are present around the world, you may find a wide variety of it. One or two maybe recognizable to you, the ones that probably spurted on your neighbor’s backyard or the ones growing in your garden. You may have even saw different kinds and genus of flowers, some maybe growing in the wild, on the street or those premium breed present almost in every flower shops. You may never believe that some weird kinds of blooming flowers existed. But take a look on these twenty different kinds of flower listed below. Try spending a minute scrutinizing these rare living things and you will be truly amazed. I bet you haven’t seen some of the rare flowers that truly existed in the past until today. Some of them are now extinct, others bloom only every century. Though such rare flowers are endless, we have compiled to list down a few. Here they are:

20 Rarest Flowers In The World

1. Kadupul Flower

Scientific name: Epiphyllum oxypetalum

top 20 rare flowers in the world

Credit: imgur

Originated in the country of Sri Lanka, this exceptional and one of the rare flowers has different names from many nations. Whatever the name is, Kadupul is an example of true beauty. It belongs to the family of cactus, where this nocturnal flower blooms under the luminous moon giving little chance to people to witness the way it flourishes. This nighttime queen’s white petals will surely outstand in the darkness of the night.

2. Middlemist Red

Scientific name: Middlemist camellia

20 rare flowers in the world

Credit: chickensmoothie

This shade of pinkish-red flower came initially from China and was transported by John Middlemist to Europe. After hundreds of years, this extraordinary flower let the world witnessed some wonder because after a very long time, it bloomed. If you ever wanted to take a look of this famous flower, take a trip to UK and visit one particular greenhouse. Or you may travel your way to New Zealand and look for a specific garden where this species is usually nurtured.

3. Gibraltar Campion

Scientific name: Silene polypetala

rare flowers in the world

Credit: top10mais

Popular with the name Silene tomentosa, this flower is a sight on some botanical haven in London and on other parts of Gibraltar. The pretty petals colored with bright hues of pink could be a perfect decoration.

4. Franklin tree

Scientific name: Franklinia alatamaha

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers

Credit: barnesfoundation

Came from the genus of tea, this might be the most uncommon flower that was ever recognized. After two centuries, this pearly-white flower, which emits a pleasant scent wowed us. It vanished in the past, which brought fear that this might never bloom again. Now, this breed of flower is nurtured in some botany agency in Trewithen Estate.

5. Ghost Orchid

Scientific name: Epipogium aphyllum

20 of the rare flowers

Credit: theoberports

From the family of white orchids, branded as Palm Polly, this flower is a usual sight to place like the Bahamas, the sunny Florida and in Cuba. The absence of leaves makes this orchid unique. This blooms only between April and August.

6. Parrot’s beak

Scientific name: Lotus berthelotii

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers That Are Almost Extinct

Credit: strangewonderfulthings

Reproduced through the efforts of sunbirds, the long gone species of bird is only seen in the islands of Canary. It was named after the flower’s likeness to the beak of a parrot. The yellow orange colour made it looked like a blazing fire in the sea of green leaves. It is one of the reasons why a Cambodia-Vietnam war ignited during the 70s, when some of the army of Vietnam, searched and captured this extinct flower.

7. Corpse flower

Scientific name: Rafflesia arnoldii

World’s 20 Most Rare Flowers That Are Almost Extinct

This flower doesn’t have leaves, roots or stem. It mainly survives through the climber or vines to supply enough amounts of nutrients for this plant to live. This large flower draws insects especially bees to help in their reproduction by excreting a scent. Found in the tropical forest of Indonesia, this plant can survive a week of existence.

8. Jade Vine

Scientific name: Strongylodon macrobotrys

rare flowers in the world

Credit: thewildpapaya

This climber can grow up to three meters and originates in Philippines, basically seen in their large rainforest. This comes in hue of blue & green. Usually, the claw-like flowers grow and are suspended in the air like lanterns. This plant is a regular sight growing at the area beside a river or a stream.

9. Chocolate Cosmos

Scientific name: Cosmos atrosanguineus

rare flowers in the world


Originated primarily in Mexico, this plant has a tinge of reddish to dark brown and is preferred to be displayed by the native of the said country. Believe it or not, it has a unique characteristic – it can excrete sweet vanilla scent during hot summers. However, an artificial way is now being done for reviving this extinct flower.

10. Koki’o

Scientific name: Kokai cookei

rare flowers in the world

Credit: pinterest

Common in Hawaii, this extinct tree was first noticed during the 18th century. Upon the start of 19th century, with only three variety of this kind, the plant died and people thought that this kind of plant would be forever gone. But, a bud was revived during the 70s, which grew into trees. However, it was short lived because it was damaged due to fire. Fortunately, branches of the survived trees were kept and the plants were cultivated again. Now, this tree can grow up to 11 meters and are seen everywhere in the tropical islands of Hawaii.

11. Coryanthes

Scientific name: Coryanthes vasquezii

rare flowers in the world

Credit: orchidspecies

The Bucket orchids are named after its formation. They look like a bucket, which encloses part of the flower. This species was also starred in Charles Darwin’s book and was also being studied in the 18th century when someone got curious of the existence of this kind of orchid. This flower is suitable for decorations because it gives off sweet scent. You can see this kind of orchid in the jungle of Mexico and Brazil.

12. Yellow and purple lady slippers

Scientific name: Cypripedium pubescence

rarest flowers in the world


This extinct kind of orchid is found in parts of Europe and Spain. The name was derived from its formation – yellow slippers. The beauty of this orchid even made the authorities provide protection to it. This orchid grows better in part where there is shade from the direct heat of the sun. It shouldn’t be placed in wet areas and the soil has to be sandy. A kind of fungi is acquired for the young plant to propagate and live.

13. Youtan poluo

Scientific name: not available

rarest flowers in the world

Credit: enkivillage

The mystery attached to this flower draws more attention to people. A native in China, Mr. Ming, got the chance to discover this strange, tiny white flower, which is often associated with Buddhism. It was believed that this kind of flower blooms once in every 3000 years. As it was studied, a discovery was made, finding out that this mystic flower is actually an egg of a lacewing. This bug lays egg in fiber stalk to guard the young from each other after they all hatch.

14. Hooker’s lip

Scientific name: Psychotria elata

rarest flowers in the world

Credit: amusingplanet

Now this flower is truly one of a kind. Its humorous formation made it uncommon to other class and species of flowers. Like lips with a hot red colored lipstick, this flower looks like the lips of a sensuous woman wanting to be kissed. The magenta red lips are for the purpose of drawing attention to the insects for the flower’s pollination purposes. This can be seen once you got a chance to stroll in the rainforest of the countries situated in South and Central America.

15. Snowdonia hawkheed

Scientific name: Hieracium snowdoniense

rarest flowers in the worldCredit: ourbreathingplanet

After ten years of inexistence, this yellow flat and daisy like flower was discovered in Wales in the year 2002. This is exactly why it is listed in the world’s rare flowers list. The leaves of this flower are like buds surrounding it. It has a tiny stem. The bottom part of the flower is covered with cluster of wide leaves.

16. White lotus

Scientific name: Nelumbo nucifera

rare flowers in the world

Now we may be familiar with the colorful lotus, but admit it or not, we seldom or never saw one white lotus. Originated from the genus of Nymphaeaceae, this delighted water lily sprouted in most of Southeast Asia and Africa’s lakes or ponds. However, it is rare to see them now.

17. Sea poison tree

Scientific name: Barringtonia asiaticarare flowers in the world

Credit: pbase

Sea Poison is yet another nocturnal and rare flower. It has snowy white petals and pink-like tentacles at the center that extends and has the ability to radiate a specific scent during the night drawing insects to it. It usually flourishes and grows on parts near the shore. Very common in tropical Islands and some part of Asia, this weird plant is used as a decor by some houses in India.

18. Attenborough’s pitcher plant

Scientific name: Nepenthes attenboroughii

rare flowers in the world


Attenborough was a name of the famous broadcaster who specialized in studying class of pitcher plants. This was a tribute to him. It was given to this pitcher plant located in the Philippines, where three people found it after a long time of wandering in the vast forest of Philippines.

19. Night blooming cereus

Scientific name: Echinopsis pachanoi

Echinopsis pachanoi

Credit: cactusplaza

This white flower was once called the princess of night because of its ability to bloom during the hours of darkness. This kind belongs to a group of cactus and is regularly spreading in deserts. It has known to have three types, of which one of the types opens only once a year, during a particular night. There is also a possibility that this flower will flourish in one specific summer night, emitting its lovely scent.

20. Lisianthus

Scientific name: Lisianthus russellianus

LisianthusCredit: pinterest

This specific flower clustered by bulky petals tinted with the color of violet originated in the Caribbean Island and some parts of the countries in South America. It comes in variant colors and is usually present during summer due to its connection with bright light emitted by the sun. The summer’s warm temperature and humid moist air are perfect for the growing Lisianthus.

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