World’s 24 Crazy Inventions You Badly Want In Your Life

Are you one among those people who keeps wishing about making life easier, convenient and handy? Or are you just the average Joe who just thinks about crazy ideas and want these ideas out of your mind? Well, inventions stem from these wishes and ideas. Most people think that when you invent things, you should be smart or probably have the same intelligence quotient, which great scientists like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison had.

But here is the reality, inventions come from your own idea and it doesn’t require you to be pretty smart or have an IQ that is incredibly high. There are lots of inventions that are quite useful but as crazy as a frog barking. In this article, I will talk about few such crazy inventions. Some are commercially sold in the market while some are… well… some are products of a person’s creative mind, which they did to help improve their way of living and the society as well.

24 Crazy Inventions That Will Simplify The Way You Live

These are the new crazy inventions that have circulated the net and will probably be great products in the market.

1. Solar Energy Lighter

Crazy Inventions

No match sticks or gas lighter available? Why don’t you use the sun to make fire instead? With this solar energy lighter, you can make fire anytime and anywhere, as long as the sun is up and about. This comes in handy because you can carry this anywhere without the fear of confiscation.

2. Led Umbrella

24 Crazy Inventions That Will Simplify The Way You Live

Tired of the usual umbrella? This must be the one for you. This LED umbrella offers light all along its handle to illuminate and guide your way in the dark. This might not be useful during the day aside from protecting you from the heat of the sun or the sudden down pour of the rain, but the light will surely secure a safe and lighted passage for you during the night.

3. Plug Outlet Organizer

24 Crazy Inventions That Will Simplify The Way You Live

Tired of those messy plugs that are in your floor? Why don’t you get yourself with a plug organizer? This may just be a simple organizer, but mind you, this will help minimize trips and falls due to messy plugs. This will also make your home well-organized.

4. iPhone Lenses By AGPtek

24 Crazy Inventions That Will Simplify The Way You Live

iPhones are the best phones and this is a camera-aficionado generation, where people tend to take snap shots of almost everything – right from the food they eat to how ants crawl or the way kites fly in the sky. No matter what sex and age group you are, you will certainly be keen to capture memories. Now, if the memory you want to capture is quite a distance away, it leaves you disappointed even if you own one of the most expensive brand phone in the world. But, fret not, now there are lenses made available by AGPtek that will surely make you happy and capture that scenic view and moment you want to take a shot of.

5. Butter Grater

24 Crazy Inventions That Will Simplify The Way You Live

Who said that only cheese have the rights to be grated? Since butter melts quickly compared to cheese, we cannot use the normal cheese grater for butter. So a person who truly loves butter and is quite of spreading it on his bread through the usual spoon had this idea and invented the butter grater!

6. Rotating Park Bench

24 Crazy Inventions You Badly Want In Your Life

Are you one of those people who just loves the park so much that no matter what the weather is, you can’t help yourself but to roam around only to find out that it was such a bad idea because all the benches out there are wet and you can’t find a good place to sit? Well, you might be the person that the inventor of the rotating park bench, Sung Woo Park, has in mind when he conceived this idea. A rotating park bench will let you sit on a dry area while hiding the wet one by simply pushing on a crank to rotate the sit area from wet to dry.

7. Braille Rubrik Cube

24 Crazy Inventions You Badly Want In Your Life

Rubrik Cubes have always been full of colors, which is quite sad for those people who are visually impaired as they will not be able to play with it. But that has got to change, isn’t it? Someone was smart enough to make it possible for the visually impaired group to enjoy it as well when he created the Braille Rubrik Cube. Instead of the usual color coded cubes, this specialized rubrik are in braille format so that individuals with eye problems can easily identify it and complete a set of rubriks.

8. Maple Phone

24 Crazy Inventions You Badly Want In Your Life

This is probably one of the most awesome and crazy invention, as it requires quite a genius mind to do from all of the other inventions that is on this list. Why? Because it is a wooden cell phone. Err, did I just say wooden? Definitely, I did. Nobody thought that woods can also be used as cell phones except for Koreans, Eun Hak Lee and Hyun Jin Yoon. The wooden phone has its own keypad as well as a built-in camera.

9. Ticket Machine With Water Bottles As Payments

24 Crazy Inventions That Are Mind Blowing

This is one of the best and craziest inventions ever invented to protect our world from unnecessary trash. Since water bottles are thrown anywhere and everywhere, someone must have thought that he/she will make a stop to this and viola… this machine was conceived. Instead of paying cash for a ticket, you can pay with empty and used water bottles. Isn’t this great?

10. Built-In Hoodie Backpack

 24 Crazy Inventions That Are Mind Blowing

Tired of carrying a jacket or an umbrella with you? If yes, then this invention is designed only for you. A back-pack with a built-in hoodie to protect your head from the heat of the sun or a few drizzles of rain.

11. Toilet Screens

24 Crazy Inventions That Are Mind Blowing

If you are an avid movie goer and find it frustrating to go to the bathroom and miss out an entire scene, then this is definitely for you. This comfort room cubicle is equipped with a screen which shows simultaneously the movie that is being played outside so that you will not miss any scenes at all.

12. USB Socket Outlet

24 Crazy Inventions You Haven’t Seen Before

Since USBs have become an integral part of our everyday lives — right from memories to charging cell phones, they have now envisioned a new way for us to charge our smart phones directly to the source and that is making and producing a socket outlet that have a straight USB port in it.

13. Couple’s Alarm Clock

24 Crazy Inventions You Haven’t Seen Before

If you and your partner have different time schedules and waking hours, it’s quite a bummer to interrupt your partner’s sleep through the sound of your waking alarm. This innovative alarm clock will do the trick. You can set different alarm times and put the ring on your finger. When the time is right, the ring will vibrate without waking your partner.

14. Flat Extension Cord

crazy inventions in the world

Hate those extension cords that are so bulky and easily seen? You must want this flat extension cords then. As it is flat, you can easily hide it under rugs and other coverings without bulging. Since this will be hidden, it can also prevent falls and trips as well. Thus, minimizing accidents especially around the elderly and children.

15. Coaster Charger

24 Crazy Inventions You Haven’t Seen Before

This may sound weird, but you can definitely charge your devices using only your drinks. If you place your drink on top of the coaster, whether it is hot or cold, the temperature will be converted into electricity to charge your devices. Cool, isn’t it?

16. Ping-Pong Table Door

cool inventions

A ping pong table that serves as a door is quite great because you can have a door and at the same time, a recreational sport all rolled into one. This not only helps you conserve space in your small apartment, but also keeps you fit as ping-pong is a great exercise for you.

17. Staircase Drawers

crazy inventions in the world 

Homes these days are really innovative and they maximize everything in it. Who would have thought that a staircase can also serve as a drawer? Well, this invention does. It not only helps conserve space but also organizes your stuffs in a more convenient yet easy way.

18. Baby Stroller Scooter

cool inventions

Want to take your child out for a walk but in a hurry? Then, this scooter might be the best for you. Not only can you have a quality time with your child as you take him/her out but this also saves you a lot of time and effort (as scooters will help you get to your destination faster). Just be careful with the speed though, you do not want you and your child to have an accident while on it.

Now that we have 18 of the most innovative and cool inventions that can help us make our day to day lives easier, I have here 6 more crazy inventions, which I found somewhat funny. Crazy and funny these inventions may seem to be, but admit it or not, these crazy inventions are surely beneficial and are quite useful as well.

19. Anti-Pervert Stockings

innovative inventions

Let’s face it, not all passengers we come to sit or stand beside the train are gentle and saint-like. Most often than not, there will really come a time when other passengers will take advantage of you and caress you which will leave you baffled and shocked. This anti-pervert stockings is the answer to that perversion to stop. When men try to hold you and caress your legs, they will be the once you will get the surprise of their lives as a lady as beautiful as you are, is quite… hairy.

20. Baby Mop

 innovative inventions

Babies are really cute and adorable. However, they can sometimes be a pain in the head because they just can’t keep themselves from roaming around the place. Instead of making a fuss all about it, why don’t you just make your baby useful then? They can surely help you in cleaning the house with this baby mop clothes. While your adorable baby is roaming and playing around, she/he will also keep on rubbing the floor leaving a clean and shiny floor on her/his trail.

21. Whole Body Umbrella

creative inventions

Don’t find the regular umbrella enough for your own protection? Why don’t you try this whole body umbrella which will not only cover your head but also covers your entire body from the rain and splashes?

22. Flask Tie

creative inventions

No drinks allowed in your office but you are just too sleepy that you need a caffeine or any other drink to keep you awake? Then, this flask tie is definitely for you. Your boss will not only know that you have smuggled a drink inside your office, but will also make you look chic and quite cool.

23. Mobile Toilet Paper

creative inventions

This one must have been quite funny, but true enough, this actually exists. A mobile toilet paper will definitely come in handy if you suddenly have a call of nature and there are no available tissue papers in the comfort rooms. More so, this comes in handy if you have a flu and you just kept on sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. This will only not help you with your flu and runny nose but will also make it easier for you to just roll it down to your face to use it.

24. Baby Shower Cap

creative inventions

Most babies hate shower because water gets in their eyes and stings them. However, with this very innovative baby shower cap, you can protect the face of your baby from unwanted water, soap and shampoo that might get in contact with his/her eyes. This baby shower cap will definitely make your baby’s shower experience better for him/her and easier for you too.

These 24 inventions are quite catching. Some are simple while others were complex, but no matter what the inventions are, it still comes to one simple fact and that is to “help us”. If you have any other cool invention ideas on your head, speak it out. Who knows? You might be the next greatest inventor of our era.

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