15 Worst Countries In The World To Live Your Life

Though the world is composed of many countries, we only know a few of them, ones that are popular for rich lifestyle, cleanliness, job security, safety, culture and good education. Surprisingly, these countries may be a part of the best or average but the sad thing is that they can turn out to be worst at times. Sometimes, we think that the country we live in is a worse country. However, we do not know that there can be even worst from what we have already imagined our situations to be. If there are great countries, there are also quite a number of worst countries in the world to live. There are many possibilities that these worst countries may have poor governance and lack of people’s cooperation, which is exactly why the economy of these countries is not good. Terrorism, poverty, unemployment and hunger are just few issues these countries face on a daily basis. With these problems and status of those countries, other nation’s people sometimes think that these are the worst countries to live in. So, let’s check out what they are.

15 Worst Countries In The World

For us to know more about the worst countries, let us check the following information.

1. North Korea

Worst Countries In The World

This is probably the worst country to live in. North Korea is possibly the most secluded country in the world that continues to shock the world with its evil agenda and brinkmanship attitude. Every year, there are a close to one million people who suffer from starvation to death and the scenarios are just getting worse day-by-day because the government has decided to invest all its money into a 100 storey hotel infrastructure as well as constructing the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital is like a contemporary capital city. However, most of its buildings are monuments and palaces that were built in the honor of their leaders who are Kim Jong il and Kim Il sung. If there is any hope for the nation and its people, then it is the current news that their leader, Kim Jong il is suffering and dying of cancer. Yet another dictatorial autocrat will take his seat and will continue the uncanny leadership practice of constructing up enormous military infrastructure, which will again end up losing all the country’s money.

2. Somalia

Worst Countries In The World

This is not even a country but it is like a lawless land with a 0% hope for a brighter future. Somalia is a land that is lead by warlords and pirates and has almost no economy aside from the drug based financial system and black market. Lately, the nation was greatly noticed worldwide due to its continuous assault of pirates on international vessels passing. This action is one way for Somalis to take advantage of the nonexistence of a nation’s government. United States and several African neighbors have tried to start a government but it was only dissolute leaving Somalia to be war torn and economically unstable once again. The nation’s average life expectancy is only 49 years. Somalia like most African states also has Malaria and AIDS, which has killed thousands of people in the recent years.

3. Zimbabwe

Worst Countries In The World

The word “failure” comes from the events and happenings in Zimbabwe. This country currently faces few complete economic failures. Zimbabwe released the one trillion dollar bill and 1 USD = 47,000,000 ZWD as their currency exchange rate. Sad to hear and to say that Zimbabwe was once used to be one of the very wealthy nations, but now, it is one of the poorest and worst countries in the world. Zimbabwe’s income (which is $200 GDP) considers it to be the poorest nation in the world with the slight hope of economy’s recovery unless, there will be a great change in the political aspect of the country.

4. Sudan

Worst Countries In The World

Who among you knows the meaning of Genocide? Well, it is a systematic killing of people based on their religion, beliefs, ethnicity and social status. Even though the government is denying the apparent genocide in the country, Sudan provides the meaning of the phrase “FML”. Not only the people from region of Darfur go through with starvation and disease, but they also experience genocide of the Southern Christians done by the northern Islamic government. The murder and rape cases destroy the nation every day and just lately, the international community has done any possible ways to end the genocide. And now, the Sudanese president who is Umar Hassan Ahmad al-BASHIR is recognized as an international criminal because ICC decided that he obviously dishonored the human rights.

Sudan is a huge nation living very differently than other countries. But Sudan’s falling economy, corrupted government, race issue, and wars for sure are not a positive thing. The people have already lost their sense of humanity with semi refined cities for those who didn’t lose it for war in Darfur and the South.

5. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Worst Countries In The World

This country was torn and destructed because of its genocide and years and years of war; and the nation’s humanitarian disaster is also very tragic. Currently, this country is recognized as the second poorest country in the world next to Zimbabwe. With the country’s 300$ GDP, it is claimed that there is never going to be any progress. In fact, nothing can be done to get the country back to its sustainable economy regardless of the UN’s million dollars invested on the structural and humanitarian assistance for this country. This nation is one of the Africa’s most major and mineral rich places, however, because of excess abuse in the country, they barely see any profits that are being made from the resources this nation has.

Needless to say that Congo also has a dishonest political government with useless, rough-edged people. Sub-Saharan Africans and West Africans are the worst kind of people and can twist any first world nation into a ghetto (with race-baiting, fraud, scams, more welfare dependency, drug/weapon dealing/trading worldwide, producing 5 or more poor, uncultured children into society, fraud marriages to achieve citizenship, aggressive gang crimes etc).

6. Chad

worst country in the world

Lake Chad is the main water source for Central Africa. But lately, this water source has almost dried up completely leaving the country in famine and drought. The nation borders Sudan and the number of Darfurian refugees going in the country are devastating the nation’s capacity to uphold its population. Since the circumstances in Chad continue to worse, the little hope to alleviate the economically distressed nation remains unnoticed.

7. Myanmar or Burma

worst country in the world

After the coup de etat that happened in the country and the renaming of the country from Burma to Myanmar, the country has in command of one of the strictest junta governments and has no human rights. Because of isolation from the world, it made Myanmar the way it is today for the reason that the Myanmar government seldom meets the UN officials or neighboring countries’ officials. Myanmar country is just one of the 30 poorest nations in the world and much of that is connected to how the government holds and handles the resources and money in the country. The government had done a little help in the humanitarian wise to its people after the typhoon destroyed the nation.

8. Central African Republic

Worst Countries In The World To Live

Bordering the Central African Republic is the country of Sudan, Chad and Congo, which are also in the midst of the worst countries in the world to live in. The thing that makes the country hard to live in is likely because of the ongoing civil war and the lack of safe drinking water. During the genocides that happened in Sudan and in Congo, many transferred to C.A.R. to run away from those conflicts. However, they got stuck up with another conflict within the country of C.A.R. This country cannot maintain its own people’s well being or the refugees that enter the country. True to the facts, many African countries disease and starvation destroys this country making it one of the worst countries in the world to live in.

9. Mozambique

Worst Countries In The World To Live

Ever since the existence of Mozambique, it has always been doomed due to aids and malaria crisis. This nation barely has any safe water to drink and regardless of receiving much help from the UN, the nation still continues to slowly fall down and degrade as many African countries do in this kind of situation. The only hope left for this country is to make drinking water safe to reduce Malaria and cure for AIDS.

10. Sierra Leone

Worst Countries In The World To Live

This small African country is destroyed by war and poverty. The blood diamond catastrophe is most obvious in this nation as neither the government or the largest UN command ever could stop the violence that is connected with blood diamonds. The nation continues on a descending spiral and no one really prefers to live in this country. Possibly, the only resolution to aid this war-torn country is for the African Union to somehow set up controls on diamond exports in the nation.

11. Laos

Worst Countries In The World To Live

Apart from completely being surrounded by land and being the 44th poorest country in the whole world, Laos continues to become poorer and poorer. The communist government in the nation continues to become more and more domineering as their legitimacy declines. Every year, many people go hungry and die in this country, and many are fed up with the nations waning infrastructure and economy. The turmoil in the country may eventually lead to complete crumple thus making the nation another Myanmar (or Burma). There may be still a hope, but only if this country adapts more of a capitalistic free trade and industry-rule just what its neighbor Thailand has done.

12. Haiti

 Worst Countries In The World To Live

Not only were they attacked by a terrible earthquake, but Haiti is one of the most unfortunate countries for so many reasons. It is a home to one of the largest slums in the northern hemisphere – Cite Soleil. They have no electricity, healthcare facilities, schools, and even sewers. The UN wanted to help the country but when they went to the Cite Soleil, instead of being welcomed warmly, they were greeted by gunfire. The country also ranked 2nd in terms of modern slavery by population in the 2013 Global Slavery Index.

13. Yemen

Worst Countries In The World

Yemen is a worst country for many things. It is worst place for women as they have limited access to almost everything such as primary benefits like healthcare, education and economic opportunities. It is also worst when it comes to the number of civilian deaths and injuries that are caused by explosive weapons. The result is based on the first seven months of 2015, and the use of explosive weapons on populated areas of the country is the main culprit. Moreover, Yemen is also considered as one of the poorest countries in the Arab, as it has high unemployment rate, corruption and human rights abuses.

14. Jamaica

Worst Countries In The World

Even with its beautiful and idyllic beaches, Jamaica is claimed to be one of the worst countries in the world to live in. Top with unemployment rates and corruption, most people have no hopes that this place can ever improve in the upcoming years. There are unlimited crimes being committed every single day and is really out of control.

15. Ukraine

worst country in the world

The country has been named as one of the world’s most miserable countries in 2014 which makes it a part of our list as a worst country to live. Since Ukraine has conflicts with Russia, they have increased inflation and unemployment rate. The country is also laced with corruption, poor governance and certain economic issues that though they were able to recover from the global financial crisis way back, they were thrown back again to the pits.


There are countries that have great opportunities due to their economy’s stability and income. It means that, they have brighter future ahead with its people. However, this stability is not achieved easily because they would have undergone through series of hardships. But with the help of an honest leader and its cooperative people, it would be impossible for a country to remain poor for a long time. This kind of thinking make the countries’ people believe that the country they live in is the best.

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